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Trendy Fire Sculptures Bring Sizzling Style To The Hearth

If you are an avid reader of Decoist, then by now it should come as no surprise to you that we absolutely love fireplaces. In fact, we have showcased ways of putting them in pretty much every possible room of the house, from the modern dining room to the spa-like bathroom. But today, we take an entirely different look at some amazing, ingenious fireplace designs that dazzle you with their sculptural brilliance. It’s not the mantel that brings the artistic brilliance here but the heart of the hearth itself as sculptor Cathy Azria turns the space into a canvas for sculptural brilliance.

Eclectic living room with a brilliant fireplace and brick backdrop

The latest lineup of Fire Sculptures from B&D Designs surely inspires you to give that old fireplace a grand, chic makeover. Each of these designs combines elegant contemporary style with steel sculptures that are engulfed in flames once you have the fireplace going. These cool looks and stylish geometric planes also expand and crackle at times, giving your interior a whole new dimension. Perfectly safe, they can be combined with stylish, modern bio-ethanol fueled fireplaces to pretty much give any niche or corner in your home a fiery new lease on life!

Contemporary fireplace with sculptural style from Cathy Azria

Sculptural style of the fireplace designed by Cathy Azria

Closer look at the lovely steel sculptural loops inside the fireplace

Loop Fireplace from B&D Designs when unlit

Two sided Sculptural fireplace in the spa-like bathroom

Cathy says that her loops design is inspired by the rings of Saturn, while the Metropolis design was born out of the Fritz Lang’s classic 1927 movie. But we are not into classic stuff, so we will just call it a glowing version of Superman’s mini Kandor! Either way, adding geometric contrast to your interior and enlivening your home ahead of winter, these Fire Sculptures could well reignite your old sizzling affair with the fireplace!

Metropolis Fireplace in an art deco setting

A look at the intricate design of the steel sculptures inside

Tapering steel plates inside the fireplace bring geometric style to the room

Beautiful fireplaces can be incorporated even in the smallest of spaces

Lovely Loop Fireplace inspired by the rings of Saturn!

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