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Create A Cozy Modern Bathroom On A Budget

With autumn’s chill in the air, now is the time of year when coziness is key. And when it comes to the powder room, morning and evening rituals can be a bit of a hassle–because it’s cold when you turn off that hot shower water! How do you create a warm, comforting bathroom atmosphere? Today we present 5 beautifully designed bathrooms, as well as suggestions on how to get the look at home. Yes, it’s possible to create a cozy modern bathroom on a budget. We’ll show you how…

Wrapped in Warmth

Our first featured powder room is the ultimate in cozy, thanks to a fireplace and tall draperies that can provide privacy if needed (although who’d want to cover that view?)! [from Fresh Palace]

Cozy bathroom with a view

We’d all love a fireplace in the bathroom, but this is easier said than done. If you’re on a budget and you still want to experience the warm glow of firelight, try adding some candles for the autumn and winter months. These Pillar Candles from Restoration Hardware come in a variety of sizes. Don’t want the hassle of an open flame? Restoration Hardware even has flameless candles!

Pillar candles from Restoration Hardware

Draperies can also provide a cozy feel, especially if they’re not too thick. Letting in the natural light is key, especially during those months when sunshine is less than abundant. These Cotton Canvas Curtains in White from West Elm manage to be cozy, all the while creating a light and airy feel:

White canvas curtains from West Elm

Accents in Dark Tones

Light and bright bathrooms are fabulous. But sometimes all of those white and cream tones need a little bit of contrast. Remember when I made this DIY painted planter? I loved the contrast between the cream paint and the dark wood, and I promptly put it in my cream and white bathroom for a dash of deep, rich flair. Wood has a way of anchoring a space and adding a sense of coziness. The powder room below features wooden cabinetry finished in a dark stain. [from Soledad Builders, LLC]

Modern bathroom with dark wooden accents’

If newly finished cabinetry isn’t in the cards for your bathroom at this time, try incorporating small accents in dark wood. These Triangle Candleholders from Ferm Living make a bold statement without taking up too much counter space.

Triangular candleholders from Ferm Living

You can also create a sense of comfort and decadence with fine bath products. These bottles of Gla Nature Bodywash from West Elm are the perfect dark shade of grey-brown to add some serious contrast to the powder room. Plus, they’ll pamper you with essential oils, moisturizers and vitamins:

Gla Bath products from West Elm

Monochromatic Comfort

This next bathroom is the epitome of cozy–from floor to ceiling, warm tones envelop you with a dash of Hollywood Regency style. Yes, we’re talking tan from top to bottom. Why isn’t this palette dull? Because wallpaper takes center stage, a custom-made shower treatment creates a tent-like feel (fun!), and exotic plant life keeps it interesting. [from Rosewood Custom Builders]

Bathroom with a custom-made shower curtain

So how hard is it to get a cozy feel over the shower? Not too difficult if you’re willing to get crafty. Ever since I first saw the apartment of designer Nick Olsen in Domino Magazine years ago, I’ve been smitten with the idea of creating tent-like enclosures over designated spaces, such as Olsen’s chic office area below via One Brooklyn Modern (left). You could also go with a canopy around the tub by hanging a ring from the ceiling and surrounding it with sheer fabric (below, right). [from HGVTRemodels]

Tent and canopy solutions for small spaces

Another cozy strategy? Playing up the monochromatic feel by purchasing a cushy rug in the same color as the walls. The Plush Pile Bath Rug from Restoration Hardware is available in a variety of color options. Plus, it’s made from pure cotton:

Plush bath rug from Restoration Hardware

Retro Chic

This next featured bathroom is decked out in retro-style wallpaper, creating a cozy yet chic feel. Not to mention, interesting details abound, from the pheasant feathers to the bold mirror. [from Lonny]

Geometric wallpaper in a New York City bathroom

For a geometric wallpaper with a modern yet timeless feel, check out this Angle Wallpaper from Ferm Living. A grey palette keeps it neutral, yet the striking pattern is anything but bland.

Patterned wallpaper from Ferm Living

Dont forget the magic of the details. Even small spaces can indulge in curious finds and personality-filled pops of style. Character-laden items such as vintage arrows and feathers can do wonders in creating a beautifully curated space. Below we see Cruelty-Free Grizzly Wing Feathers from Etsy shop Mountain Feathers:

Cruelty-free grizzly wing feathers from Etsy shop Mountain Feathers

Mixed Materials Meet Geo Style

Today’s last featured bathroom is filled with warm tones and plenty of geo style. Wood paneling, pendant lighting and rounded forms create a sense of coziness, while crisp white provides the perfect dash of brightness. [from Lonny]

Round mirrors and pendant lighting in a modern bathroom

Want to know more about the lights above? They are from L & G Studio‘s Aura Collection, which celebrates the combination of metal frames and glass bulbs. A beautiful blend of materials, don’t you think?!

Aura Lighting from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

To add both a dash of wood and a geo mirror to your cozy bathroom space, try the affordable STOCKHOLM mirror from IKEA, which boasts a walnut veneer:

Ikea’s STOCKHOLM mirror

Accents in wood, a plush rug, patterned wallpaper, candles, draperies…when it comes to creating a cozy powder room, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to add a sense of warmth. We hope today’s post has inspired you to get your powder room ready for fall and winter!

Kate Simmons

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