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Creative Dogus Holding Headquarters In Istanbul With Dynamic Design

Designing a modern corporate headquarters can indeed be a challenging task at the best of times. Dogus Holding is one of the largest private-sector conglomerates in Turkey, and their brand new headquarters in Istanbul, Ayazaga Cendere, is a smart renovation project that combines brilliant office spaces with contemporary charm. Located a fair distance away from the city center, this exclusive and extensive design intends to accommodate the many companies that make up the portfolio of Dogus Holding in two grand buildings. The task of transforming the interior fell upon designers from CM Mimarlik who have turned to a lovely combination of dark and light hues along with brilliant pops of red.

Red colored, wood covered distorted structure inside Dogus Headquarters

Building A of the headquarters is spread across five different levels and holds many of the office spaces, while Building B is a two-level structure that houses the cafe, library, resting, short meetings, dining hall and conference room along with a few other offices. Since the headquarters is a fair distance away from the city center, it is designed to ensure that the employees find everything they need inside the large complex itself! While most contemporary offices tend to stay away from black, the large, open interiors and the high ceilings seem to offer the perfect backdrop for a darker color scheme.

Sculptural addition lends unique style to the Istanbul office

Black and red make for a brilliant combination in the Dogus Headquarters

A view of the cafe from the second level

Red enlivens the dining and interaction space

Wide array of amenities help complete this stunning headquarters

Brilliant lighting inside the Dogus Headquarters adds to the posh appeal of the space

Light floor complements the use of black perfectly

Sleek and stylish pendant lighting at the reception

Touch of greenery indoors brings some much needed freshness

Black brings sophistication and elegance to the space, while a giant wooden structure in red along with other splashes of the color add vibrant allure to the indoors. An indoor garden, a rooftop garden and a dynamic interaction between both buildings ensures that there is always a sense of freshness inside. The emphasis here is firmly on the fluidity of spaces, with each one flowing into the next in an effortless fashion.

Interior of the office spaces uses a lighter color scheme

Open and ergonomic office space inside the Dogus Headquarters

Sliding glass doors separate spaces even while provide ample ventilation

Grey brings urbane elegance to the modern office

Tinge of wood brings warmth to the modern office

Glass plays a major role in shaping the facade of the Dogus Headquarters

Entrance of the Dogus Headquarters in Istanbul

Gorgeous Dogus Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey

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