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Innovative Contemporary Kitchen With Serene Style!

When we talk of kitchen designs and inspirations, it is Italian kitchen compositions that often come to mind. But today, we move to a different European nation and take a look at a gorgeous contemporary kitchen that exudes a relaxing, tranquil vibe. Leicht is one of the leading kitchen makers from Germany for the past 80 years, and its latest lineup of sleek and fashionable modern kitchens brings together two exclusive lineups from the company. The Pinta / Orlando kitchen is all about a smart blend of trendy modern units, along with light wooden elements that bring inviting warmth home.

Beautiful modern kitchen from Leicht

The kitchen is a fabulous combination of cool grey and light acacia wood tones that seems to delicately balance the minimal and the classic. The lower units of the kitchen come from the Pinta Collection and a solid base that visually anchors the kitchen. A touch of stainless steel, hidden shelves that can be tucked away when not in use, smart little niches that hide away kitchen appliances from plain sight and the handle-less floor units come together to truly transform the ambiance of your kitchen. The acacia décor of the kitchen and the top shelves are part of the cool Orlando lineup that gives any kitchen a sense of unique elegance.

Sleek modern kitchen in black and light wood tones

Acacia wood cabinetry gives the kitchen a calming look

Smart kitchen design with in-built storage solutions

Modern and stylish bar stools at the kitchen counter

Handle-less doors and pull out drawers for the modern kitchen

Add a lovely kitchen island, some beautiful bar stools and the right lighting, and you have a fabulous kitchen that seems like an organic extension of the living and dining area. You can pick and choose from the different modular elements of the Pinta / Orlando kitchen to shape an exclusive kitchen that suits the floor plan of your own home. Practical, fashionable and adaptable, this is a perfect kitchen series for the modern home.

Under counter LED lights brighten the kitchen

Minimal and practical kitchen design for the modern home

Pinta Orlando Kitchen Range from Leicht



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