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6 Easy Ways To Give Your Home A Quick Halloween Makeover

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate spooky ghosts and scary monsters, and we get to dress up in any insane fashion of our choice. It is a magical time really! With Halloween just over a week away, it is obviously high time to start giving your house the complete ‘haunted’ makeover. Yet, most of us either leave it too late or simply do not have enough time on our hands to get the job done. Others might be new to decorating the home for Halloween all on their own and are overwhelmed with the wide variety of available choices.

Getting your dining room ready for Halloween! [Design: Focal Point Styling]

Yet every Halloween-ready home needs a few basic traits that you simply cannot miss. These ‘must have’ additions are simple to incorporate and will bring the creepy chill without demanding too much work. Here are 6 basics of Halloween home decorating that are tried and tested hits. And they will serve you well every single time.

1. A Smart Color Swap

The first thing that you need to understand is that ‘quantity is not always quality’. Do not worry about over-the-top themes and elaborate front porch decorations that take loads of work. Since you are already a bit behind the ball, stick to getting the basics right. And the most basic trait of them all is the ‘color scheme’ that you pick. Orange is one color that comes alive this time of the year. It is often black that is paired with it along with pops of red for that classic creepy look. But white is also a great choice, especially if you are focusing on home decorations for the daytime.

Touch of black and orange for the Halloween [Design: Vel Criste]

Grey is also another great backdrop that works well during Halloween. Do not focus on altering the color scheme of the room or the outdoors. Instead work with what you have and add additional layers in these colors using decor, wallpaper and other accessories.

Halloween decorating idea in black, white and orange
You need not always turn to paint and walls for Halloween colors [Design: Sarah Greenman]
Sophisticated Halloween decorating idea for the modern home [Design: Jeffers Design Group]

2. Turn to the Pumpkin!

What can you say about pumpkins and Halloween that has not already been said? The arrival of carved pumpkins on the doorstep and the jack-o’-lanterns with a wicked smile truly ring in the Halloween vibe. Pumpkins are a great way to decorate indoors as well, and sometimes you can simply use the pumpkin instead of carving it to bring a dash of orange to the space. As Kate recently demonstrated with the many DIY inspirations, there are plenty of ways to decorate with pumpkins even beyond Halloween.

Carve out a message in style this Halloween [From: CNK Design]
Jack-o-Lanterns get together for a Halloween meet!
A pumpkin display that epitomizes fall! [Design: Southern Botanical]

3. Spiders, Skulls and Spook

Just go to your nearest store, grab a few plastic spiders, some skulls and spray paint in a color of your choice and you have affordable, easy and effective Halloween decorations! This might sound too simple, but it is not about the decorations you choose– it’s the way you use them that matters. More than the plastic spiders themselves, fake spider webs and meshes are the best way to give the home a haunted look with ease. Cobwebs can be crafted using cotton and tape right at home, and for those with a lot more time their hands, a giant DIY Spider with glowing red eyes can be a fun project to take up.

Decorating your dining room to give chills to your guests! [From: Adrienne DeRosa Photography]
You cannot go wrong with cobwebs as Halloween decorations [Design: Between Naps on the Porch]
A Halloween addition with some legs! [Design: MB Interiors]
Giant DIY spider Idea for Halloween [From: Mom Endeavors]

4. Eerie Floating Ghosts!

It all worked so well for those floating white aberrations till Casper showed up and spoiled all the fun! But floating white ghosts are still a big part of the Halloween tradition, and much like the spiders and skulls, they are pretty easy to work with. From tissue paper and white fabric to invisible wire meshes that hold up beautifully lit white spirits, it is time to craft your own haunting ghosts.

Halloween ghosts decorating idea
Basketballs, pipes and fabric create this Halloween ghost scene [Design: beckbhill]
Haunted yard design idea for a fun Halloween [Design: In Sight Designs Unlimted]

5. Tombstones in the Yard

Transforming the front porch or the backyard into a graveyard is another Halloween trend that’s eternally popular. Since Halloween decorations often puts the focus on the outdoors, these simple DIY additions can be crafted from cardboard or Styrofoam without any hassles. Then feel free to let out that inner darkness by scribbling some scary words or even cool puns on them. Or maybe you prefer the names on your Halloween party guest list and some funny epitaphs that will act as great conversation starters.

DIY Gravestones Idea for Halloween [From: Erin Lang Norris]
Carve out a DIY Tombstone this Halloween [Design: Kgrahi]
Halloween gravestones that make an impact [From: The Budget Decorator]

6. Decorate for the Dark

Lighting is an essential aspect of any interior, and when it comes to Halloween decorations, it is the absolute king! Be it that floating phantom, that scary spider or the tombstones laid out in the yard, perfect lighting instantly elevates them to a whole new level. Candles, LED lighting and accent lighting need to be combined to get this ghostly vibe. And once you have all of this in place, think of the right music that adds to the atmosphere.

Disney themed Halloween decoration [From: Wall Coo]
Lighting ensures even the simplest decoration make big impact [From: Houzz]
Getting the Halloween lighting for front yard spot on [From: Halloween Forum]

Halloween is not about replicating the visual effects of a Hollywood set. If you have the time, skill and resources to get that done, then great! But if you cannot, there is still plenty you can achieve by simply getting these simple things right. As, always borrow from the ample inspiration here and let your creativity take over!

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