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The Top Trends In Modern Air Plant Containers

As fall reminds us that soon outdoor temps may be too cold for collections of potted plants, we turn our attention to bringing the greenery indoors. Did you catch Thalita’s post on DIY gold and silver foil herb planters? An indoor herb garden is a great way to breathe new life into the kitchen this winter. Another fabulous option for low-maintenance indoor greenery? Air plants! Let’s take a look at some of the top trends in air plant containers, especially containers of the modern variety. All of today’s finds come from Etsy. Hooray for modern handmade style…


Naturally occuring pods make amazing air plant containers, especially when embellished with colorful designs. These Colorblock Mini Air Plant Pods from Sea and Asters are available in a range of hues:

Colorblocked air plant pods from Sea and Asters

At the same time, leaving pods in their natural state can be just as appealing, adding an earthy modern accent to your interior. Check out this Set of 3 Natural Seed Pod Containers from Air Plant Design Center , which includes the air plants. In fact, the air plant of choice here is the Concolor , which boasts long leaves that add a touch of contemporary drama!

Set of natural seed pod containers from Air Plant Design Center

Not all pods come from nature. We’re quite taken with these Mini Spun Sugar Air Plant Pods from Lemon Cucullu, crafted from acrylic yarn. As mentioned in the description, they’re “texture heaven”!

Yarn air plant pods from Lemon Cucullu

Concrete Containers

Let’s hear it for concrete! It’s sturdy. It oozes modern style. And it’s a super popular air plant container material! This Mini Concrete Air Plant Container from ReRunRoom is accented in metallic gold. Purchase it with or without the air plant–your choice.

Concrete air plant container from ReRunRoom

Neon steals the show in this Air Plant with Mini Concrete Planter, also from ReRunRoom. Neon blue adorns the rim of the container, while neon pink makes an appearance in the form of gravel:

Concrete planter with neon accents by ReRunRoom

Small concrete planters are popular favor gifts for weddings and other evets. This Set of 2 Concrete Air Plant Holders from Anson Design Co. includes the air plants. Note how the plants’ vibrant leaves are the perfect accent to these containers:

Set of 2 concrete air plant containers from Anson Design

Geo Planters

Yes, geo style is still going strong. It’s no surprise that some of this season’s most popular air plant containers are of the geometric variety. Like this Mini Geometric Planter from Redwood Stoneworks, available in copper, gold or any color you desire. Love the facets!

Mini geo air plant container from Redwood Stoneworks

Geo style can come from striking forms, as well as the clever use of paint. Natural wood meets vivid color in this Geometric Air Plant Cube Planter from Sea & Asters, creating a colorblock effect. And yes, the air plant is included.

Geometric air plant cube from Sea & Asters

Air Plant Terrariums

Terrariums are a great way to display air plants in combination with other items, such as gravel and seashells. The Small Geometric Terrarium Kit from Glimpse Glass is a 12-sided piece crafted from copper foil and stained glass. Included in the kit is the terrarium, the air plant (ships only to Canada), black sand, pebbles driftwood and moss:

Geometric terrarium kit from Glimpse Glass

Minerals are the perfect complement to whimsical air plant silhouettes, and this Turquoise Agate Mineral Air Plant Terrarium from Sea & Asters celebrates the combination of greenery and rock. The kit includes the glass globe, the air plant, the agate, chartreuse reindeer moss, white gravel, a white sea fan, and an air plant care sheet.

Spherical air plant terrarium with agate from Sea & Asters

There’s something so delightfully modern about this Air Plant Terrarium from Optical Conclusions. Perhaps it’s the simple yet strong form of the blown glass container or the unexpected dash of purple sand. Stunning!

Modern air plant terrarium from Optical Conclusions

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters elevate air plant possibilities, and the styles and sizes are countless. This Hanging Air Plant Cradle from Mudpuppy combines form and function in an alluring pairing. Each air plant cradle™ is crafted from unglazed natural terra cotta clay . A hole in the center is the perfect resting spot for your air plant, as shown below:

Hanging air plant cradle from Mudpuppy

Geo style meets hanging planter possbilities in the Hanging Geometric Planter from Urban Geometry, available in brass, copper or aluminum. Himmeli at its finest!

Hanging geometric planter from Urban Geometry

Once again, we take our cue from pods, but this time they are suspended with the help of macrame made from hemp. These Macrame hanging air plant containers from Eclectic Hang Out make a powerful statement when displayed in groups:

Macrame air plant containers from Eclectic Hang Out

A Touch of the Unexpected

We now revel in a few unexpected trends that are taking the art of air plant display to a new level. First up: wool bowls. Why not?! Air plants require no soil. Plus, wool is great for aeration (and provides your space with a touch of texture. The Felted Red, Dark Green and Tan Wool Bowl from The Felterie brings colorblocked style home:

Felted wool bowl from The Felterie

Next up: Real Wood Cork Bark with Tillandsia Abdita Air Plant from Air Plant Studio. Air plants are often attached to rocks and crystals with the help of glue (yes, they can still thrive when adhered to a surface), but cork is emerging as a new material of choice. And how about that dark red Abdita air plant! Your order is accompanied by extra glue, as well as a published e-book on air plant care.

Air plant on cork bark

One look at the inage below, and you’d assume an air plant was trapped inside of a thawing ice cube. That’s the beauty of the Mini Geometric Air Plant Terrarium from eGarden Studio, which comes with the air plant (of course), as well as an air plant care instruction sheet:

Mini geometric air plant terrarium from eGarden Studio

Do you have any favorite air plant container trends? From hanging wonders to surfacetop finds, the display strategies are endless, as are the materials. Glass, wood, metal–they’re all up for grabs! Happy shopping…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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