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Stamm Concept Store in Vienna Debuts BD Barcelona Designs Exhibition

Just a few minutes from Vienna’s most prominent building — the Stephansdom, on a small street paved with cobblestone (Petersplatz 8), you enter a magical place. You enter the Stamm Concept Store. With a carefully selected assortment of unique design objects and wanting to change the Viennese dining culture and design scene, Stamm knows how to awake emotions and powerful feelings.

It’s getting late. The view from across the street is nothing but inviting. There are cocktail tables, loads of light radiating from within the store, people sipping Lillet, eating exquisite bites and taking cute selfies. Tonight, Stamm is promoting atypical design as curators for a company who cultivates beauty — in some cases, even above functionality — for more than 40 years. We’re entering the world of BD Barcelona Design.

Art, Design and Rich Heritage

The Stamm Concept Store is rather small but delivers on the boundary between art and design. The place is packed with people hungry for unique designs that spell out exquisiteness. Everything is astonishing well organized with every piece of furniture and decorative items flowing with grace in a picture perfect environment where black, white and silver accentuate every emotion.

First things to notice upon stepping in, are the beautiful blue lounger designed by Jaime Hayon (which Decoist featured a while ago), the luxurious white Showtime sofa, with upholstery and the gleam of high lacquered finishes, by the same Spanish artist-designer, and the elegant all white sideboards with fancy legs.And then the quest for the most exclusive piece in the Stamm museum of beauty, begins…

Shiny crystals, quirky looking glasses designed by Stamm themselves, cool prints on the walls, porcelain lamps and vases along with colorful small statues that reflects the richness of contrast, they all have a common element — pure passion.

An hour later and I couldn’t believe how time flies when you’re in good company — and by that I mean great people (thank you Marcus Fried for making us feel so welcome) and designs that literally speak for themselves.

One last thing, for those of you who don’t know it. BD Barcelona was established in 1972 as an act of rebellion by a group of young architects. It’s probably the most avant-garde Spanish company in furniture design. They are the ones who surprised the world by editing Gaudí’s furniture for his famous buildings in the 80s, and the same ones who announced the first collection of furniture and lamps designed by the great Dalí, in the 90s.

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