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10 Serene Rooms With A Balcony View

Ready for our latest Decoist escape? This time balconies are involved! But you don’t actually have to step onto the balcony to appreciate the view. In the images below, the rooms themselves are stunning in their own right. In fact, each of today’s featured rooms has a clear view of an attached balcony, and there is even a spectacular view beyond the balcony. How’s that for a double dose of relaxation to soothe your soul on this busy day? Enjoy…

Bedrooms with Balconies

Let’s start with a space that lets you enjoy the view without leaving your bed: the boudoir! If you’ve ever lived in a home with a stunning view from the bedroom, you know the tranquility involved in waking up to the ocean outside. Or the hills! This rustic modern bedroom from Griffin Enright Architects features a disappearing corner, thanks to sparkling glass windows:

Bedroom with a view of the hills

The woods take center stage in this modern New York bedroom from River Architects. A spherical theme can be found indoors, thanks to a patterned rug, pendant lighting and a Finn Stone ball chair. Just outside, a forest of tall trees provides a serene backdrop.

New York bedroom with a wooded view

Silver tones are the perfect complement to the water, sand and greenery that lies just outside the window of this contemporary bedroom. [from realestate.com.au]

Modern bedroom with silvery tones and a view

A building view can be enjoyed from the balcony of this serene space. Wooden tones of tan, warm brown and deep chocolate create a rich setting both indoors and out. [from Ciipku.com]

Bedroom balcony with a building view

Rustic. Modern. Sleek. We’ve experienced a variety of looks today, but this Miami bedroom and balcony designed by Jay Britto and David Charette introduces us to a tropical element. Lush details abound, from fresh greenery to a plethora of comfy seating! [photo by Alexia Fodere via Houzz]

Tropical bedroom with a balcony view

Living Rooms with Balconies

If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with a living room balcony, you may very well have an expansive view of the outdoors. No balcony? No problem! Let these images enliven your daydreams! Below we see a room from 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach, created by Brazilian designer Debora Aguiar. Her love of neutral palettes is evident in this space–the earthy tones are the perfect complement to the ocean view outside. [featured on the blog of brand stylist Erika Brechtel]

Miami living room with an abundance of wooden tones

Clean lines reign in this San Francisco living room with a view of the water. A comfy lounger beckons residents to put up their feet and take in the sights and sounds of nature. [from Mahoney Architects & Interiors]

San Francisco living room with a balcony view

When adjustable aluminum louvres are involved, the line between inside and outdoors is beautifully blurred. Check out the view from this Sydney living area! [from Ian Moore Architects]

Sydney living area with aluminum louvres

White walls and a black and white palette enhance the fall foliage outdoors in the living and dining area below. Also note how the layout of this home maximizes space and plays up the scenic view. [from Tapja.com]

Balcony view from a contemporary living room

For our final featured living room, we go big. We go bold. We’re on top of the city, and it’s absolutely stunning at night! Tropical greenery, an indoor water feature and an abundance of comfy seating provide the perfect contrast to the nighttime skyline beyond the balcony. Glass vases and shades of blue mirror the hues of the evening sky. [from SPF Architects]

Los Angeles living room with a balcony and a city view

Not crazy about the view from your place? Even if it’s not epic, you can still beautify your balcony. Check out our post on tips for decorating a small balcony for outdoor design inspiration!

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