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Mid-Century Modern Beverly Hills Home With Vintage Style And Neon Brilliance!

There is absolutely no doubt that mid-century modern design trends have made a grand comeback in the last few years. We have already showcased ways in which you can embrace this revitalized style with modern flair, and obviously there is no shortage of decor options that bring in the mid-century modern appeal. But this cheerful and glamorous home in Beverly Hills, California designed by Maxime Jacquet takes a chic and playful approach towards the timeless classic. Combining pops of bright orange and yellow with silver, grey and chocolate brown, the luxurious interior of this fascinating home draws you in instantly.

Mid Century Modern entrance with sunburst mirror and vintage poster

The foyer and the living room combine a dash of the classic Hollywood Regency look with a mid-century approach, while vintage additions like bright neon signs steal the show with ease. Horizontal black and white stripes in the entrance hall, vintage framed posters and a giant vase welcome you gleefully. Bringing an unexpected and bright twist to the living room are the silver sofas and chairs that seem to fill the room with metallic radiance. The presence of yellow and orange throughout the house adds cheerfulness to the setting and gives it a casual yet beautiful ambiance.

Vintage entrance with a giant vase and black and white stripes

Framed posters add a touch of vintage charm to the foyer

Gorgeous living room combines the mid century modern with Hollywood Regency

Bright silver sofas add glittering elegance to the living room

Brilliant neon sign on the living room wall steals the show

Chic silver sofas and plush rugs bring in the Hollywood Regency charm

Decorated side table and the Eames Lounger in chic fabric add style to the space

Sculptural decor addition above the fireplace and a cozy reading nook next to it

Small set of side tables complets the snazzy living room

Versatile floor lamp with adjustable lamps makes for a practical and colorful addition

Decorative skulls - Metallic additions with a twist

Interesting silver metallic skulls on the living room coffee table!

Illustrating how to use the corner space with style, the plush bedroom combines privacy with wonderful garden views. Framed posters, cool collectibles and carefully curated decor complement this mid-century modern look. Additions like the custom-crafted chalkboard wall in one of the dining rooms, decor inspired by the iconic Tulip tables and chairs and sculptural lighting complete this exciting Beverly Hills residence.

Simple book arrangement lends plenty of style to the posh living room

Fun pops of yellow and orange enliven the mid century modern dining

Dining table and chairs inspired by the iconic Tulip Design

Eclectic dining room has a casual and playful appeal

Innovative decor additions, wall art and fireplace in the stylish dining room

Beautiful bedroom in yellow, gray and chocolate

Cozy bedroom with a breezy beach vibe combined with midcentury modern style

A beautiful conversation nook makes use of corner space

Home office with a collection of decorative hats on the wall

Midcentury modern decor ideas with a trendy twist!

Sherry Nothingam
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