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Artistic Elegance Meets Architectural Beauty At Exclusive Villa Estebania

Surrounded by a gorgeous natural canopy, Villa Estebania in Tallinn, Estonia is a beautiful modern residence that blends an effortless indoor-outdoor interplay with ample privacy. Taking complete advantage of the scenic landscape around the house, architects from Arch-D have shaped a trendy contemporary space that places emphasis on the view outside. Large glass walls and sliding doors ensure that the living space is extended into the natural deck outside, while the double-height living room paints an airy and cheerful picture.

Private villa surrounded by natural canopy offers ample privacy

A balanced use of stone, wood and glass coupled with a design style that borrows from the woodsy winter retreat gives the villa an inimitable silhouette. The interior features an open-floor living area with a beautiful modern kitchen, a stylish dining area and a spacious living zone. A giant concrete wall with painted scenery anchors the central staircase that connects the various levels of the house and adds an interesting and unique visual. With mezzanine levels becoming popular additions in 2014, it is barely surprising to see the lovely mezzanine floor with a cozy reading nook in the corner.

Stylish Tallinn Villa in stone and glass

Modern kitchen and dining space occupy the lower level of the contemporary villa

Open space living area with a unique stone fireplace

Sparkling private residence in Estonia

Fascinating wall art next to the stiarcase steals the show

Stylish staircase connects the various levels of the home seamlessly

Gorgeous wall mural adds elegance and class to the modern home

The visual of tall trees outside enhances the spectacular design of the house and gives it a touch of natural charm. With the private quarters being housed on the top level and an additional living area in the basement, the house makes a smart and trendy use of space. Comfy contemporary decor and attractive lighting both inside and outdoors complete this Estonian home.

Large wall mural next to the stairs adds color to the interior

Beautiful mezzanine level of the private residence with glass railing

High ceiling and gorgeous views of the outdoor give the interior a stunning ambiance

Lovely little reading nook in the corner of the Mezzanine level with bookshelf

Spa-like home shower and steam room

Warm lighting and contemporary architecture enhance the appeal of Villa Estebania

Exterior gardens and pathways add sparkling style to the beautiful villa

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