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Inspired Manhattan Apartment Showcases Dashing Color And Flair Of Rio!

Brazil is a nation with a very distinct and unique culture, style and aura that is renowned across the globe, and Rio is without a doubt its biggest attraction. Hailing from the city, Cristiane Peixoto, a floral designer, and her husband Marcus Silberman wanted to fill their new $4.5 million apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with the bright and brilliant zest of Rio. And at the heart of this fabulous transformation is a spectacular terrace garden that is filled with rich natural vegetation, an outdoor lounge, a beautiful pergola and a lovely tent with seating.

Beautiful rooftop garden with pergola of the Manhattan Apartment

The 2000-square-foot rooftop garden of the apartment was crafted with great care by Maureen Hackett, who changes the plants with the varying seasons and removes the seasonal additions each winter to ensure that the owners have a secluded, tropical retreat from May through September. The terrace garden acts as a wonderful extension of the living area, and the family finds itself spending more time here in the summer months than indoors! The sun and the natural canopy evoke images of Brazil and also offer a refreshing, natural hangout.

Framed wall art and accent pillows bring dashing color to the living room

Marble coffee table and accessories that bring the wild charm of Brazil indoors

Small dining space with the iconic Platner table

With Japanese red maples, river birch, white-flowering American dogwood and seasonal additions like the cyclamen and tulips, the garden is indeed a sight to behold. Designer Peter Pawlak took over shaping the interior, giving it a sleek contemporary appeal with bright pops of color. The living area and the bedrooms embrace an understated, minimal look, while the warm kitchen and striking dining area with the Platner Table help create a perfect gathering spot for the family indoors.

A neutral color scheme and smart entertainment options complete this creative Manhattan apartment that attempts to bring a dash of Brazilian magic to New York City!

Small and elegant kitchen draped in wood

Create a lovely display in teh kitchen with glass door cabinets

Wallpaper in bold pattern adds class to the serene bedroom

Trendy metallic additions enliven the interior

An outdoor dining space nestled among natural greenery of the rooftop garden

Warm lighting takes over the rooftop garden after sunset

Spectacular rooftop garden of New York City Apartment offers a secluded retreat

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