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Enthralling Private Residence In Phuket Combines Serenity With Scenic Sea Views

The province of Phuket in Thailand is renowned across the globe for some stunning tropical retreats that transport you into a completely different dimension. Bringing together sun, sand and contemporary luxury, the region is home to some of the best luxury hotels and spas on the planet. Located in a secluded little pocket of Phuket and away from the tourist rush is the stunning Serenity House that is true to its name. Offering unabated views of the distant sea and perched atop a sloping mountain, the posh contemporary house makes the very best of the site’s unique topography.

Facade of the three-storey private residence in Phuket

Crafted to exude a sense of grandeur by DBALP, the fascinating private residence is spread across three different levels and welcomes you with a lovely walkway, a fish pond and a fabulous water feature with a fountain. Combining several different textures, the house transitions between open and closed spaces, as each one flows into the next in an effortless manner. Warm wooden panels, exposed concrete walls, large sliding glass doors and plush decor ensure that there is ample textural contrast throughout the house. With the distant sea acting as the backdrop, the open living area, kitchen and dining space are indeed a visual delight!

Fish pond on the interior of the house bordering a lovely walkway

Indoor fountain greets you at the entrance of the Serenity House

Fascinating design of the Thailand house with sea views

Living room with neutral colors and lovely ocean views

Living space of the cool Phuket House with fascinating sea views

Dining room with glass walls opens up towards the sea

Sliding glass doors connect the interior with the outdoors seamlessly

Wooden dining table complements the sleek wooden deck outside

Beautiful views of the distant sea enchant at the stylish private residence

The four bedrooms and spa-like bathrooms judiciously combine panoramic views with adequate privacy, while the exclusive water features outside become a natural extension of the interior. An infinity swimming pool and an unassuming wooden deck that promises idyllic evenings and magical nights under the stars complete this posh home with a relaxed ambiance.

Oversized lighting and plush textures shape the holiday retreat-styled bedroom

Wood adds warmth to the beautiful family room

Ravishing contemporary bathroom with spa-like luxury

Stylish bath visually connected with the pond outdoors

Sunken Jacuzzi in black exudes elegance and sophistication

Water fetaure outside seems like a natural extension of the brilliant bathroom

Gorgeous outdoor deck with infinity pool and transparent railing

View of the Sunset at the posh private residence in Phuket from the private deck

LED lighting inside the pool adds to the ambiance of the space

Warm lighting takes over after sunset

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