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Villa Amanzi in Phuket Treats With Luxury, Awesome Scenery & Sea Views

Situated on a natural terrain in Kamala Beach on the western coast of Phuket in Thailand, Villa Amanzi features an array of luxury options that you expect to find in a contemporary villa and a whole lot more. Draped in lavishness and designed ever so diligently by Original Vision Studio, the amazing getaway nestled amidst lovely natural settings offers a retreat perfect for a relaxing and soothing weekend that takes you away from the worries of busy daily life.


Intended to serve as a luxury vacation rental spot, Villa Amanzi is perfect for a typical family of seven or eight individual who are looking to have one awesome family holiday, or for a bunch of friends coming to the country seeking unabated fun and endless sights and sounds. The forte for this three level edifice is a 15 meter protruded infinity pool that not only offers a refreshing dip anytime of the day, but provides for amazing views of the adjacent Andaman Sea and the tranquil horizon far beyond.


On the inside you see wide open spaces and plenty of modern architecture and design that uses sleek and well defined lines. The generous use of glass in the form of floor to ceiling glass windows offers unobstructed views of the sea at all times and from all levels of the villa. An array of balcony spaces, private hubs, pool deck and lush green surroundings ensure that you spend as much time outside as you do indoors.

Available for rent throughout the year and sporting six bedrooms with integrated bathrooms, a stay at Villa Amanzi would set you back by anywhere between $2,000 and $4,500 per day, depending on the season and demand. A small price to pay if you are looking for a weekend luxury getaway clad in complete sumptuousness.









Luxury Villa Amanzi, Phuket, Thailand 9 - pavillion view






Photos by: Marc Gerritsen, Helicam Asia Aerial Photography

Cristina Toplita
I write for decoist.

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