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Design Spotlight: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Today we shine the spotlight on Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, a Seattle-based design studio founded in 2010 by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee. Their focus: a range of products that includes furniture, lighting, accessories, jewelry and more. Whimsical, stunning and undeniably modern, these creations celebrate natural materials such as metal, wood and stone. Not to mention, their clean-lined forms have a dash of familiarity mixed with a clever dose of the unexpected. Let’s take a closer look…


Chairs, tables and shelving are a few of the offerings of L & G Studio. Below we see the Ovis Lounge Chair Natural, a reinterpretation of a classic sling chair crafted from whitened maple, metal and leather. A felt head pillow adds a comfy touch:

Metal, wood and leather lounge chair

Below we see a couple of selections from the 2013 Maru/Mirage Series. This round table uses reflective surfaces to its advantage:

Coffee table chic

The mirrored shelving below was previously featured in our recent post on the return of the still life. Hexagonal and triangular forms take center stage, along with a strategically placed potted plant.

Mirrored shelving


Lighting is one of L & G’s many specialties. Let’s begin with the Aura Lights, crafted of bulbs and brass rings. An olive-brown cord suspends each light, which features a brass or copper base. Purchase individually or hang them in a grouping!

Modern pendant lights

There’s nothing like a string of beads! Except these beads are made of copper, acrylic, PaperStone and mable, and they introduce a glass globe bulb. Let’s hear it for the Maru Pendant Lights, a stunning combination of round forms in glass, metal, wood and Lucite!

Spherical pendant lights from L & G Studio

The cylinder is celebrated in L & G’s Spun Light, designed for the Seattle lighting company Standard Socket. Spun is offered as a pendant, a sconce, or in a cluster. A polished brass shade with an exposed globe light bulb is the perfect setup for this artistic piece.

Spun Light from L & G Studio

Shape Up

Have you seen L & G Studio’s 2014 Shape Up Lookbook?! A range of impeccably designed products are displayed around familiar objects such as foam sheeting. And let’s not forget about the spectacular photography:

Shape Up by L & G Studio

Is that a pool noodle we see? Ping pong is the perfect playful sport to enhance this lookbook!

Simple forms and materials create colorful geo style

Here’s another shot that blends the beauty of modern design with colorful still life photography. Sculptural lighting, a grid, more foam sheeting and yes, another pool noodle are transformed to the level of art when creatively grouped:

Geometric shapes inspire product design


We end today’s post with a series of unique accessories that are guaranteed to be instant conversation starters in your interior. We begin with Balance Studies 101, a sculptural form that integrates a metal arch, a wooden sphere, acrylic, and metals such as copper, brass and steel.

Sculpture by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

A free-standing hand mirror is the concept behind Maru Hand Mirror Round, featuring a cylindrical handle and a weighted PaperStone or Corian base:

Hand mirror from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Did someone say chimes? Only these mini-chimes are unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Stained glass and brass shapes are the ingredients of choice. Geo style reigns, and the end result is the reflection of sunlight and a delicate chime sound each time a gentle breeze stirs things up!

Sculptural mini chimes

Thank you, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, for inspiring us with your beautiful images and masterfully designed products. Innovation has never been so geo-fabulous…

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