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10 Tranquil Rooms With An Ocean View

With summer in full swing, one of my favorite pastimes is hunting for images of beautifully designed interiors with an ocean view. Kate here, and today I thought I’d share a few of the standouts. Daydreaming is great in itself, but it’s also interesting to take a look at what makes these interiors tick. The ocean is the true focal point of these spaces, but there’s more going on here than water. Whether you’re decorating your beachfront house or you’re looking for ways to bring a beachy look to your landlocked abode, this post is for you. Read on for helpful tips on bringing the resort look home…

Tropical Paradise

Let’s start with a look I like to call “tropical paradise”. But this vibe isn’t about candy colors and flamingo figurines. It’s understated tropical style with an earthy touch. Potted palms and dark wooden accents are two must-haves, and a soft sandy palette often takes center stage. Below we see a villa bathroom at the luxurious One&Only Reethi Rah resort in the Maldives:

Resort bathroom at the One&Only Reethi Rah

Cream walls–check! Dark wooden trim–check. Tropical greenery–check. The resort look is easy to create at home. Of course, the fact that this Maui bedroom has a stunning view of the ocean gives it a true vacation vibe. [from Ownby Design]

Understated tropical bedroom

The earthy tropical look often has a modern feel, especially when textured walls and sleek lounge furniture are involved. This next image features an exquisite room from Hilton’s Conrad Koh Samui resort:

Hilton resort room with a view

To recap, this resort-style look can be created with a neutral palette, dark wooden accents, tropical greenery, and a touch of modern style. Try adding sleek ocean blue throw pillows to your space for a look that mimics the clean-lined horizon where sea meets sky.

Crystal Clear

Our next featured rooms boast bright white walls and an abundance of Lucite and glass furniture. It’s crystalline style that highlights the clear blue of the ocean. This Miami bedroom designed by Jennifer Post is the epitome of crystal clear chic. [image from Ken Hayden Photography]

Oceanfront bedroom

Of course, if your home features a stellar view and floor-to-ceiling windows, even better! This corner room from Eden Roc Miami Beach lets the ocean take center stage. Keeping the interior color palette simple is key.

A room with a view from Eden Roc Miami Beach

White marble beautifully complements glassy surfaces. Not to mention, it creates a clean, resort-style look that can’t help but evoke a sense of serenity. Add some sculptural driftwood for a modern beachy touch. [image by Applied Photography for GRADY-O-GRADY Construction & Development, Inc.]

Beachfront bathroom with marble

Glassy furniture often has a blue-green edge that naturally complements contemporary oceanfront rooms. Glass pendant lighting can also help celebrate this clean, pure look. [from DKOR Interiors]

Bright modern dining room with an ocean view

To review, get the crystal clear look at home by going with a palette of bright whites and ice blues. For example, a light aqua blanket draped over white bedding can create an oceanfront feel. Glass and acrylic furniture and lighting are the perfect icing on this refreshing cake.

Vibrant Details

The last featured look involves an array of vibrant details that beautifully complement the blue-green of the sea. I like to call it “ocean jewel”. Yet there’s nothing ornate about it. For example, this earthy modern Miami porch from DKOR Interiors is a truly relaxed space–an outdoor room!

Earthy modern porch with a view

The Barbados villa below also uses yellow accents to its advantage. Vivid outdoor seating is the perfect counterpart to green balcony railing and the clear blue of the ocean. White curtains frame this tropical vignette, creating a true focal point for those enjoying the view from inside. [from WhereToStay.com]

Bright yellow chairs and an ocean view

A rocky beach can be found just outside the window of this modern bathroom. However, with or without the ocean, the powder room is a stunning space in itself. A teal vase and a golden sea sponge are the perfect accents to the sleek gray-white walls. [from Duffy Design Group]

Modern bathroom with vibrant pops of color

To get this final look, create a rich contrast of colors in your interior. Go for vivid accents–bright pops of radiance through elements such as tropical flowers or a jewel-toned vase. If there’s no ocean outside, make sure that teal or another shade of blue-green is one of your featured hues. 

Which of today’s three featured looks is your favorite? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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