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Space-Saving Solutions Turn Small Loft Apartment Into A Trendy, Functional Home

One of the most common challenges when it comes to interior designing and decorating is ‘space’. Most of us have to grapple with the reality of having a home that presents quite a few difficulties due to the obvious lack of foot room. Often, it is decor that multitasks and creative space-conscious designs that get us past this hurdle. Located in Moscow, this gorgeous loft apartment designed by Ruetemple occupies 1,615 square feet and makes the most of every inch of available space. The designers of this cool and relaxed apartment transformed a dark, dingy attic into a bright and functional hub to give the homeowners a much needed additional living area.

Top-floor apartment with an attic in Moscow

Turning a small loft apartment into an airy and attractive home requires the efficient use of not just the attic, but also the vertical room on offer. Ergonomically placed wall shelves, lovely wall-mounted living room units and brilliant bunk bed units in the kids’ room come together to ensure that the available space inside the small apartment is maximized to the hilt. Yet in this quest for uber-functionality, designers did not sacrifice form, as warm wooden floors and sleek, contemporary style give the apartment an inviting contemporary vibe.

Lovely pendant lights steal the show with their prominent presence

Sleek, elegant kitchen and dining area in white

Low-slung entertainment unit and wall-mounted TV save up on space

Attic living area that is simple and ergonomic

Beautiful wooden floors complement the relaxed ambaince of the loft apartment

Add a ladder to give the interior a fun and playful appeal

Top bunk of the elegant kids' bunk beds with ample room

Large wooden structure with bunk beds for kids also comes with safety features

Kids' bunk beds that are built into the design of the loft apartment

Gorgeous loft apartment manages to incorporate a space-conscious playroom

The attic has been turned into a sleek and elegant home office with stylish desk space and plenty of storage room. Relaxed bedrooms turn their small size into an advantage by creating a cozy, intimate setting, while the living areas are lit up beautifully thanks to smart track lighting and strategically placed skylights.

Light wood tones and sculptural staircase that saves up on space

Space-conscious home office with ample storage space

Skylights bring in ample natural light into the loft apartment

Minimal and efficient design of the cool home office in the attic apartment

Home office with wonderful ventilation in the loft apartment

Ideas make efficient use of vertical space in a small loft apartment

Every element of the apartment, including the curvy, wooden staircase, has been crafted to ensure that efficiency is maximized. Wonderfully concealed playrooms and playful additions like ladders give this chic Moscow apartment a fun, stress-free and stylish appeal!

Incorporate a hit of playfulness into your apartment design with wall stencils

Minimal and luxurious bedroom in white with warm wooden tones

Plush bean bags add coziness to the playroom

Smart track lighting offers ample illumination while saving up on space

Small wooden shelves give additional display space to the small attic apartment

Smart niches help maximize the floor space of the attic apartment

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