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Radiator With Built-In Showerhead Enriches Your Bath With Spa-Like Luxury

Modern bathroom additions and decor are all about combining luxury with aesthetics in the most elegant fashion, and taking this to a whole new level is the Monolite Light integrated heating shower from Brandoni. Crafted with typical Italian panache and contemporary ergonomics by ingenious designer Fabrizio Batoni, this stunning radiator with a built-in shower system drapes you in relaxed opulence while taking up as little space as possible. Turning your home bathroom into a soothing spa, the chromo therapy functions of the Monolite Light let you control the water flow rate, the temperature, the various jets, the cascade and the handheld shower features.

Geometrical shower space enhanced by the use of luxurious Teak wood floor

With contemporary bathrooms embracing a space-conscious and minimalist design that focuses on luxury, the Monolite Light is the perfect addition to complete your refreshing bath experience. The hidden showerheads of this cutting-edge radiator ensure that you will not have to worry about traditional faucets and controls. An 8-inch waterproof tablet with an HD display allows you to control each and every feature of this posh shower, and with 4G, HSPA and Wi-Fi connectivity options, you can browse the internet and play your favorite tracks as you enjoy a rejuvenating shower!

High quality teak finishes to the floor and the towel hanger give some visual and textural contrast to this state-of-the-art bathroom fixture. You can even add a teak wood shelf to enhance the overall appeal of your bath and complement the elegant shower system. Energy-efficient to its core, this exclusive shower leaves you drenched in extravagance!

Turn your home bath into a wellness spa with the Monolite Light

Space conscious design of the shower with integrated heating feature

Sleek and stylish design of the Monolite Light shower and radiator

Versatile contemporary shower with integrated heating

Fabulous and sophisticated shower column with integrated hetaing

Elegant shower on display at the Milan Design Week

Gorgeous shower column with integrated heating

Ultra-slim design of the contemporary shower with hetaing

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