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Chic Tribù Decor Adds Sublime Class To Sizzling Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Combining comfort and aesthetics, modern outdoor furniture is all about pampering your senses, whether you are relaxing on your poolside deck or taking a break while enjoying the sun, sand and waves in an exotic getaway. The fabulous outdoor decor delights from Tribù have helped shape many luxury homes and resorts across the globe, and the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is the latest to benefit from Tribu’s sensational lineup. Opening its very first retreat in Europe, Hard Rock Hotel combined the indomitable nightlife and the unending party spirit of Ibiza with the relaxed, laid-back appeal of the MOOD and KOS Teak Collections to fashion a truly idyllic escape.

Splash Pool at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Blending the bright 60s style of the Hard Rock Hotel with the cool and sophisticated vibe of the Tribù, Ibiza is the perfect backdrop for the iconic marriage between the two brands! Bringing a blend of teak and hand-woven tricord yarn, the MOOD Collection by Studio Segers offers a smart array of sofas, loungers and daybeds that make your stay at the Hard Rock Hotel even more memorable. The Pure Light Lounger from the KOS Series makes its presence felt on the amazing pool deck of the hotel and the lovely beach nearby.

Pure Light Lounger from the KOS Series at Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza

Goregous Eden pool area illuminated at night - Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

LED lighting brings the pool area of the Rock Spa in Ibiza alive

Poolside deck of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza with comfy Tribu Loungers

Lounge in style with outdoor decor from Tribu

KOS Teak Pure Light Lounger on the pool deck

Beautiful and relaxing Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza

Closer look at the Fabulous KOS outdoor dining table in Teak

Stylish lighting fixtures and outdoor decor shape the Beach Club in Ibiza

Tribu furnishes the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza

Stylish and relaxing outdoor lounger for the beautiful outdoor landscape

Shaping the outdoor, pool and beach landscapes at the Hard Rock Hotel, these comfy decor additions can even be spotted in the exclusive Rock Spa, which promises to soothe your senses and rejuvenate you after an all-night party that goes on into the early hours of dawn. Fabulous KOS outdoor dining tables and chairs grace the ‘Beach Club’, while tasty Mediterranean cuisine completes your Ibiza experience.

KOS Teak Collection of Outdoor tables and chairs at the Beach Club Ibiza

Ergonomic Outdoor Decor from Tribu

Fabulous daybed from the Kos teak Collection

Plush MOOD Daybed for those who love to relax in style

MOOD Collection of Club Chairs and Sofas shape the trendy deck space

An outdoor lounge with scenic views and luxurious seating

Luxurious outdoor pool area at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

An aerial view of the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza

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