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Classic Ski Cabin Design Meets Contemporary Luxury At The Crow’s Nest

Summer is not the time that we tend to think about ski resorts and mountain retreats. However, that mindset is only limited to those who live in regions of the world where summer is a welcome break from the chill. If you happen to stay in a city with blistering hot summers, then it is the perfect time to take a break and seek shelter in a mountain retreat! And located at Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada range, the Sugar Bowl resort in California is one of America’s oldest and most beloved getaways. Perched at a height of 7,080 feet, the Crow’s Nest by BCV Architects is a beautiful and dreamy retreat where classic design meets modern comforts!

Crow's Nest Residence in Sugar Bowl Ski Resort in California

The brilliant design of this secluded residence is pretty apparent (even from a distance), as a sturdy concrete lower level is merged with a more inviting and appealing wooden structure on top. This concrete level with arched openings contains the ski-in/ski-out entry, sauna, ski room, laundry and the amazing movie screening area. Inspired by traditional European chalets in the Alps, the entire residence embraces a traditional and rustic vibe while blending state-of-the-art facilities with timeless aesthetics.

Large glass windows that open up towards the forest blend privacy with scenic views

Classic stone fireplace at the heart of the living space seems perfect for a woodsy retreat

Lovely wooden accents create a warm and inviting retreat amid the snowy slopes

Smart Seppo Koho pendants add a natural vibe to the dining room

Framed views of the mountain slope outside from the elegant kitchen

Beautiful lower level of the stylish residence inside California's Ski Resort

Cascading chandelier lights up the staircase with style

The main level of the house features a double-height living room with a stone fireplace at its heart. Massive windows elegantly frame the views outside, and the adjacent dining room and library offer additional cozy nooks. The entire retreat is designed to encourage maximum interaction between family members, and plenty of emphasis is placed on social areas. The top two levels feature four different bedrooms that include two principle suites and a couple of bunk rooms.

Designed to serve as a wonderful getaway both in the winters and in summers for generations to come, the Crow’s Nest perfectly complements the surrounding landscape while offering the best possible views of the mighty Nevada range.

Classic sauna room at home combines comfort with lovely views

Outdoor dining space and patio comes alive in the summer

Gorgeous wooden exterior of the Crow's Nest Residence

Snow covered slopes around the trendy residence make it a perfect winter retreat

Luxurious and contemporary ski resort in California

Natural wood and concrete exterior of the Corw's Nest stands out in the snow-covered backdrop

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