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Contemporary Austrian Home Combines Sculptural Design With Inviting Ambiance

We are often so focused on interior design and decorating that we tend to ignore the exterior of our home. The façade of a building is what gives it a sense of identity and lets it stand out visually from its surrounding structures. And contemporary architecture is all about crafting the perfect silhouette that not only offers a sense of individual style, but also effortlessly interacts with the landscape around it. Designed with an air of exclusivity by Dietrich – Untertrifaller Architekten, House LK in Austria epitomizes this trendy new approach by utilizing two cubic structures that are stacked on top of one another.

Twin cubic structures stacked on top of one another make up House LK in Austria

Simple straight lines and smart cubic structures have become an integral part of contemporary design in the last decade or two, and House LK embraces this approach while presenting an interesting textural and visual contrast. Exposed raw concrete walls are combined with large glass walls and wooden slats on the outside to blend the visually heavy elements with lighter elements. This approach also allows the architects to create a series of spaces that alternate between complete privacy and a sense of openness.

A semi-minimal living space, kitchen and dining area located on the lower level are connected with the lush, green backyard in an unabated fashion, while the top level with the bedrooms and the bathrooms provides a serene and personal refuge. Elegant decor additions like the sizzling Caboche Chandelier enliven the home, and scenic views of the beautiful lake in the distance help complete this tranquil getaway.

Exterior of the contemporary Austrian home in wood and concrete

Large, framed sliding glass doors ensure that there is an indoor-outdoor interplay

Exterior is a blend of raw concrete, wood and glass

Wooden slats coupled with glass offer both privacy and ventilation

Minimal living area with plush white couch and connectivity with the outdoors

Minimalist kitchen along with sparkling caboche chandeliers above the dining table

Gorgeous dining area that lets the outdoors be its backdrop

Standalone bathtub in white next to the glass shower area in frosted glass

The entrant immediately sees the spatial layout as it emulates the form of the building on the outside. From the entrance at the intersection between ground floor and the upper story placed in an orthogonal direction one floor above, a cross-shaped corridor layout can be distinguished on two levels.

Smart wooden slats conceal the interior from prying eyes

Beautiful outdoor lighting brings House LK alive after sunset

Large and sleek wooden deck allows you to enjoy the outdoors in an undisturbed fashion

Dazzling illumination indoors also enlivens the backyard thanks to the glass walls

Stylish Austrian contemporary house with smart design

Floor plan of House LK in Austria

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