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Gray And Yellow In The Living Room: A Dash Of Elegant Sophistication!

There is absolutely no doubt that gray is indeed the hottest neutral shade currently making the rounds. and it has been the preferred choice of interior designers for the past year or two. With the trend is showing no signs of slowing, this summer might be the ideal time to add this relaxing and elegant shade to your living room, even as you plan ahead for fall and spring. While shades like white, black and silver are regularly used along with gray, why not give your home a different hue this season with some bright yellows?

by Intexure Architects

Most contemporary homes these days have embraced gray with glee, and you can find almost every second home clad in one of the many shades of gray. But you can set your home apart from the pack by adding pops of beautiful and refreshing yellow that exemplify the summer and will serve you well all year long as well. Classy, modern and yet playful, this combination offers the ideal balance between the sophisticated and the snazzy!

by Robin Gonzales Interiors

by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Bright Interchangeable Accents

There are plenty of ways in which one can adopt the gray and yellow color scheme in the living room without getting permanently stuck with it. One of the best ways is obviously to use a gray as backdrop and usher in yellow accents in the form of vases, chairs, throw pillows and even some fresh flowers to enliven the space. This approach is simple, cost-effective and always allows you to switch between color schemes with ease. Bringing home a yellow and gray color palette does not necessarily mean committing to it in a more lasting fashion. But if you do like the look, an accent wall in mild yellow hues looks classy when coupled with lighter shades of gray.

by Fisher Hart

by Three Legged Pig Design

While it is the lighter shades of gray that often present you with the best background for bright yellow accents, deeper grays can also be used to create a warmer, more snug space. This approach works well in regions that are predominantly cold throughout the year and during those chilly winters when the overall ambiance of the room benefits from darker hues.

by Homes by DePhillips

by Mary Hickey Interiors

by Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc

by Brunelleschi Construction

by Mary Cook

Add in some Black Magic!

Decorating with gray and yellow does not mean that you need to stick to just these two colors alone. Often, white is a natural part of the living room and combines well with the color duo, but you will be surprised to see how well black works with gray and yellow. Use decor in bold black to define the space visually and give it a sense of excitement. Since black works brilliantly with both yellow and gray individually, you will have no problem in blending the three in a sensible fashion. But make sure that the tone of gray employed is light and pleasant when the living room is filled with both black and yellow accents to maintain a visual balance.

by Atmosphere Interior Design

by Phillips Collection

by Gaile Guevara

by Treoma Design

by Highmark Builders

A Silken Touch

Unlike the kitchen or the bath, drapes can play a pivotal role in determining the overall vibe of your living room and can easily alter the mood of the space. Beautiful, silken yellow drapes look amazing when coupled with gorgeous gray walls, and the two do appear like a match made in heaven. It is hard to imagine any other bold shade that looks as lovely as yellow when coupled with gray, especially when this sunny hue is showcased on curtains and shades.

You can even take the opposite approach by allowing mellow yellows to take over the rest of the room and use stoic, silvery gray curtains as accent additions. Either way, make sure that you have the right window coverings while wrapping your living room in this dynamic color duo.

by Drapery Street

by Meritage Homes

by carolhwall

by Teragon Developments

by Williams-Sonoma Home

Versatile and Refined

The common perception among most homeowners is that both gray and yellow look good in modern, contemporary and transitional living rooms alone. It seems like most designers also tend to limit themselves to these three styles when embracing the color duo. But in reality, yellow and gray can fit in with almost any style of your choice. As you see here, the shades are equally at home in a farmhouse style or even an eclectic living space. Yellow is a great color for traditional living rooms as well, and a hint of gray only lends panache and poise. So, give this hot and refreshing duo a try this summer and you surely will be swept off your feet by its charm!

by Redbud Custom Homes

by The Neil Kelly Company

by The Design Source

by Holly Marder

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