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Posh Minimalist Living Spaces Charm With Geometric Lines And Sleek Styling

Modern minimalist designs often seem to give too much importance to aesthetics, and in the process ergonomics take a backseat almost every time. But offering a refreshing change from this trend is the collection of Feel&Scenery living spaces from Scavolini. Much like the amazing kitchen and living room compositions that we have seen from them earlier, here is another living space that focuses on the integration of functions, relaxation and a seamless connectivity with the kitchen. With modern homeowners gravitating towards the open floor plan, Feel&Scenery offers a smart solution that blurs the line between the living room and the trendy kitchen.

Gorgeous living room compositing that saves up on space

The concept of “Feel-Scenery” is ideal for homes with limited space, as it integrates the living area, the kitchen and even the adjoining dining area into one flowing space with common architectural elements. Subtle variations in shades, styling of the shelves, their alignment and placement allows you to distinguish between each space. The sleek wall units offer a variety of open and closed cabinets that let you combine sparkling displays with smart storage. Yet at no point do these living room compositions sacrifice elegance or visual flair for the sake of functionality!

Providing a sense of continuity for the contemporary home with the open floor living area, Feel&Scenery encourages the family to spend more time together by creating one large social area. Inventive, stylish and trendy, it truly epitomizes the sophisticated urban life!

Living space next to the kitchen with a matching design and color scheme

Perfect kitchen composition that goes along with the living room

Monochrome wall-mounted living zone in porcelain cream

Relaxed and stylish living space includes a desktop for study

A simple change in the alignment of shelves alters the entire appeal of the wall unit

A smart workstation in the living room makes it even more ergonomic

A touch of blue brings glam to the living room wall unit

Beige gloss Laquered living area wall unit for the space conscious home

Dark oak adds visual contrast to the living room wall unit

Living area composition with a dynamic wall unit and a Khaki Oak wall cladding

Stylish living room composition for those who love minimalism

Sherry Nothingam
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