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Space-Saving Hideaway Desks

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – I live in a tiny house. You guys, I even lovingly call it my dollhouse! I love it, though, and wouldn’t change a thing. If any of you are space-challenged like me, you can appreciate wanting furniture that not only saves you space, but also optimizes it, making you feel like you have more than what’s actually there. Not everyone has space for a full home office, so sometimes making an office space in another room is a must.

Modern kitchen by Increation

That’s where folding and hideaway desks come in!

Camouflaged Desks

This might be a bit backwards, but I’m sharing my favorite first. This little desk does a great job of hiding away things you might not want to be seen on a regular basis, and is also cute enough to leave open if need be. Small and efficient, this little desk by Junior Living can literally give you an office anywhere!

All of these desks are great options for those short on space, but it’s also great that they can be camouflaged to look like something else, right? When closed, this desk is just an armoire, and like its friend above, it can go in any room of the house. [Via Apartment Therapy]

Space saver to the max, this desk disguises itself as a floating shelf when not in use. Now, you know I have big love for floating shelves, right? I love that it offers minimal storage, so there’s no room for clutter, and can be used as a multipurpose surface when not acting as a desk. [Via KMillar]

This red hot little number is so refreshing against the blues and greys of the room, isn’t it? I love that when closed up it looks like a cool and almost vintage-like cabinet. The keys on the top offer extra security for sensitive materials you might need to keep hidden away. [Via Country Living]

It’s a wine rack. It’s a bookshelf. It’s a desk! This gets major points for the most creative use of space and furniture! The tabletop comes down, and all you have to do is fit the top of that little wine rack on wheels to the open square in the middle, and voila! This space can be used in several ways, not just as a desk. This could be a great eating surface when you have larger groups of people over, and imagine how easy this would be when kids have big projects to work on! [Via Dwell]

The ultimate camouflage is a desk that pretends it’s just art on the wall! This one folds up into a chalkboard! How much more inconspicuous can you get, right? The fact that it also has storage is really just the cherry on top. [Via Amazon]

A closet? No! An office! This is a great hideaway, because let’s face it: many of us have less than presentable desk spaces in our homes! Imagine being able to shut the door on your desk when you have guests! [Via Bourbon Daisy]

Camouflaged desk by Korn Interior Design

Desks Out In The Open

Just because you have a folding desk doesn’t mean it has to be hidden – especially when it’s a vintage one with such a lovely patina on it. The antique kitchen accessories, such as brush and pencil holders, make this a perfect addition to your kitchen area! [Via Better Homes and Gardens]

Having a kitchen drop zone is great, and often much needed in order to stop things from ending up on the kitchen table! When you need the space to write a note, a recipe, or even get a little work done, being able to pull out a writing surface is ideal and very handy! The desktop is hidden, but you can keep all accessories out for easy access. [Via My Home Ideas]

Having a home office can feel like a bit of a luxury, but it’s doable if you’re willing to take up a little space from other areas. This desk is a great example of how a small space can be completely separate from another room of the house with the use of a wide table and artwork on the wall, even if this “room” is inside another room. [Via Apartment Therapy]

Having the ability to fold away desk messiness is certainly an attractive option – especially if your desk happens to be in an open space in your home!

by Eyco Building Group Ltd.

Consider one of these hideaway options if you happen to be extra messy like me!

If you’re not, having a desk out in the open is always an option, and if you opt for something that folds or tucks away, you get extra workspace when you need it without taking up space all the time.

Which one is your favorite?

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