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Enliven Your Kids’ Bedroom With Dinosaur-Themed Wall Art And Murals

Kids’ bedrooms are all about fun, imagination and creativity. The amazing thing about designing a kids’ bedroom is the wide range of themes on offer. They can range from fantastic fairytale legends to modern sports icons, and a whole lot more. So, as Google paid its tribute with a Mary Anning doodle, we decided to chime in by presenting our own version of a tribute to the amazing female paleontologist with dinosaur-themed kids’ bedrooms. At the end of the day, all of our interests and choices are shaped by our experiences as a kid, and a dino-themed room could well inspire another Mary Anning; or at least a Ross Geller!

Today we take a look at wall murals and artwork that breathe life into the room and help create a unique theme. While some are extensive and visually amazing, others bring in a touch of finesse and color that makes them apt additions, even in the teen bedroom. Playful, captivating and definitely bold, here is a trip back to the Jurassic in Decoist style

Colorful Prehistoric Friends

Designing a modern kids’ bedroom can be a challenging task at times with the wide array of choices available. As you ponder the design possibilities, the first thing to consider is the taste of your baby boy or girl. If a dinosaur-themed bedroom is what they want, then colorful and Disney-style wall murals are an ideal option for the little ones. Now, you do not want to put giant, scary T. Rex images in the bedroom of a kid who is still probably scared of the dark! The bright color and playfulness of the wall murals and wallpapers showcased here is the perfect balance between a fun room and the dinosaur theme.

by One Red Shoe – Mural Artists

by House Hold Words

by Sarah Greenman

Bringing the Walls Alive!

Most often it is the boys’ bedroom that embraces the dinosaur theme with glee. (But that does not mean your little princess cannot enjoy it as well.) Instead of just using simple murals and wallpapers, think of 3D dinosaurs and dino-themed wall art, which add a whole new dimension to the kids’ bedroom. Decorating with large dinosaur images that appear as if they are ready to jump out of the walls is an approach best suited for bedrooms of boys between ages 7 and 12. They will surely enjoy the dramatic appearance of the room, and this also creates a theatrical focal point in the space.

by Renaissance Painted Finishes

by Alina Druga Interiors

Sophisticated, Trendy and Artistic

There are plenty of ways in which you can decorate even the teen room with dinosaur wall art and murals. Sophisticated wall murals inspired by Hollywood, along with science and nature-centric television programming ensure that there is nothing ‘cartoony’ about some of these mesmerizing creations. Framed wall art with dinosaur motif is another simple way of adding some Jurassic fun to the kids’ bedroom without committing to the theme in a grand fashion. If your little one is one of those who wants a new theme or changes his mind once every few months, then some framed artwork or posters are all you need.

by Brewster Home Fashions

by Great Green Gobs

In case you are using a simple wall art addition with the dino theme, add plush toys, bed sheets with dinosaur motif, rugs and accessories to enhance the overall appeal of the room. Once again, you can simply swap out all of these additions with ease to alter the theme of the room at any time. This is the best way to ensure that the room’s ambiance and theme grow along with your kid while not spending a fortune once every two years!

by Holly Holbrook Design 

by H3K DesignH3K Design

Interactive Magnetic Magic!

Want to fill your kid’s bedroom with a sense of magic, fun and unending creativity? Then the world of magnetic wallpapers has plenty of options for you. The Magnetic Dino Wallpaper in Yellow and Green that you see here is from Sian Zeng, and it is all about transforming the kids’ bedroom into a hub of endless imagination. While the wallpaper looks like any other, its magnetic property allows the little ones to create their own Dino story by moving around the cast of characters on the wall. In essence, it is handing them a dynamic storyboard where they can create a world of their own!

So, are you ready to paint your kids’ bedroom with prehistoric fun? Or is your little one fond of some other fascinating theme? Let us know…

Sherry Nothingam

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