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Classy Contemporary Tables Offer Sculptural Style And Geometric Contrast

It was just a couple of days ago that we featured some amazing contemporary dining tables that stole the show with their sculptural design. Today, we take a look at three different tables from Cattelan Italia, which promise to take the style quotient of your home to a whole new level. Bringing home fine Italian design with elegant sophistication, each of these tables offers something unique and exceptional in terms of geometric and visual contrast. Re-imagining the traditional table base in inventive forms, this trio made its debut at the International Furniture Fair in Milan.

_1085m CARLO.tif

One of the key elements of the Cattelan Italia design philosophy is to bring together “contemporary design spirit with a classic soul”. This is evident in the sleek silhouette and imaginative form of each of their latest designs. Functional, aesthetic and inimitable, they sure set the stage for a refined interior…

Some Greek Inspiration!

If you are a fan of ancient Green architecture and sculptures, the mesmerizing PLISSET is a table that will woo you in an instant. Crafted with a sense of panache and drama by Raffaello Gagliotto, the table’s exceptional base in rosewood marble ensures that it instantly becomes the focal point of any home office or dining space. A great table even for the corporate spaces, the transparent glass top offers the perfect contrast to the solid and sturdy base. Creating a captivating interplay of light and shadows, its contorted base is indeed a showstopper!




Geometric Style and Marine Magic!

The SKORPIO table takes a completely different approach from the PLISSET and uses a base that is all about crisp, straight lines. This makes it a perfect fit in modern, transitional and minimal spaces, and its visually overlapping metal legs form an “X”, which adds to the overall geometric diversity of the interior. Coming with a clear glass top and a specially crafted heritage oak top, this table allows you to pick a style that suits your home the best. Designed by Andrea Lucatello and Paolo Cattelan, this is a table for those who prefer urbane elegance.

IMG_22379m .tif

IMG_22410m .tif

_0954m CARLO.tif

And finishing the trio is the VIETATO BAGNARSI side table that you see in the last two images here. A limited edition creation designed by Giulio Lazzotti, this playful and trendy little delight was inspired by the fins of a dolphin. Obviously you do not have to look too hard to notice that! Bringing together glass, stone and artistic brilliance, it sure adds a touch of novelty to the living room.


_0812m copia CARLO.tif

_0834m 2.tif

Smart side table with glass top and base shaped like dolphin fins

Unique side table and coffe table idea


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