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Home Gardening in Unusual Spaces

Sometimes a little dose of the unexpected is all you need to take your yard or home to the next level! Today’s post is for those who are looking for unconventional gardening solutions, as well as for those who hesitate to garden because of limited space or other constraints. We at Decoist truly believe that gardening is for everyone, and we’ve got the pics to prove it!

Check out the images that follow for a range of interesting ideas, special touches and unique approaches to gardening in a variety of spaces. From vertical gardening to growing plants in compact areas, we’ve got you covered. Happy spring!

Beds and Boxes

Let’s get started with some strategic gardening ideas for beds and boxes. The counter height garden boxes below are perfect for those who would rather not be ground-bound while gardening. Easier on the back and extremities, the boxes are best built with untreated wood. For the plans and additional details, head on over to Ana White :

Small yard? Or no yard? No problem! Have you ever considered moving your gardening bed or box indoors? Indoor planter boxes are unexpected, and they instantly become focal points of the rooms they inhabit. [from Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]

We couldn’t help but admire this full-scale indoor garden, complete with supplemental light and repurposed plastic containers for catching excess water. For a practical look at how to pull this off, complete with a range of helpful tips, head on over to  The Rainforest Garden:

An indoor gardening “bed” meets outdoor landscaping in the image below, creating an expansive feel and a seamless blend between two spaces. The result: an epic, peaceful feel. [from ZEN Associates, Inc.]

Growing Vertically

Let’s talk vertical gardens. These unique displays of plants and flowers are gaining popularity, and many who value a space-maximizing approach to gardening are giving this option a DIY twist. For example, by attaching potted herbs and bush varieties of vegetables to wire mesh, you can create your own vertical display. Head on over to DIY Network for all the details:

Vertical gardening is a wonderful way to cultivate indoor plants, especially if your space gets plenty of light. Created by Claire Zinnecker, this Mason Jar Herb Garden is crafted with the help of an old wooden board, pipe clamps, and of course, mason jars. A full tutorial can be found at Camille Styles.

Don’t feel like making your own vertical garden? No worries–you can purchase one and then fill it with plants! This GroVert Living Wall Planter by BrightGreen will double as wall art for your indoor or outdoor space:

If you love reading about gardening projects, you’ve likely come across the palette garden concept, which is a fabulous way to repurpose a functional item while creating a rustic-meets-modern finished product. And there are many plant possibilities when it comes to filling your pallet garden. [image from Dinner on the Farm]:

Small Space Gardens

We now move to one of our favorite approaches to cultivating greenery: small space gardening. We love it because it’s for everyone–even the trickiest of space constraints can be overcome with this option! For example, a simple hanging basket can be transformed into a compact herb and vegetable garden. For all the details, head on over to HGTV.com.

This small space crate garden was crafted from Bordeaux wine boxes. The clean look of the containers makes the garden stylish, and the small size of the boxes enables you to place them in a variety of locations. In other words, even if your yard is tiny, you can find just the right spot for your gardening endeavors. For an excellent tutorial, check out LLH Designs:

Even if your garden must thrive on a balcony, don’t underestimate the power of a well-curated metal container. It’s the perfect setting for modern arrangements, such as the exotic succulent planting below. Check out the beautiful mix of plant life and seashells. Very sculptural, not to mention beautifully compact! [from Glenna Partridge Garden Design via Houzz]

We’re crazy about dish gardening! A tabletop can instantly be transformed into an artistic mini-garden. Margarita glasses and cacti make a festive modern statement below.

When you embrace dish gardening, no statement is too small. In fact, sometimes the smallest of statements are the most powerful… [from Beki Dawn Photography for Better Landscape and Gardens]

And of course, we’ve made no secret of our love for air plants. Perfect for indoor spaces (and outdoor ones, provided they are not in direct light) these low-maintenance plants can be grouped to form a modern garden, especially when interesting containers are involved. Below we see Shane Powers for West Elm Air Garden Vessels:

Innovative and Creative Gardening

We now present a collection of innovative gardening solutions that will put an unforgettable stamp on your indoor or outdoor space. Sometimes turning an idea on its head can create the best possible results! For more information on growing the upside-down tomatoes below, head on over to Wicked Mint:

Does your outdoor space consist of a window? No problem! French designers Barreau & Charbonnet have developed the pivoting window garden below to maximize your space and create a healthy solution for plant life. Amazing! Check out all the details at Gardenista:

How fabulous is this “Green House” Dog House, created by Butterhead Greens Cafe?! A clever way to maximize space, it also adds style to your furry friend’s dwelling. Savannah Morning News shares a full report on this thoughtfully designed structure.

We end with an image from Creative Garden Spaces, featuring the stunning effect of a ground cover called Little Bluestar Creeper. This pic reminds us that creativity can be celebrated in a variety of ways when you view your garden as a blank canvas for the arrangement of interesting vignettes. Plants in a variety of textures, rocks and other embellishments can make all the difference.

We at Decoist wish you a spring filled with unexpected delights in the gardening department! Remember, you can grow a garden in any space, indoors or out!


Kate Simmons

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