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Balcony Gardens Prove No Space Is Too Small For Plants

Ready for some fall gardening? Even if you live in a small place without a yard, don’t let an opportunity for cultivating plants pass you by! In fact, some of my favorite garden spaces are balcony gardens. Why? Because on a balcony, every square inch counts. And sometimes when you have less to work with, you are forced to give everything more attention.

I spent years in a tiny apartment, and my favorite “room” in my home was my balcony. From the black and white striped pillows I picked out for the chairs to the tropical foliage that graced my deep blue planters, there wasn’t a detail I didn’t take pride in. Now that I have a bit more space in the yard, I try and take what I learned from my days of super compact living and apply it. The bottom line: Do what you can to make your space special. No matter the size of the residence, most people will tell you they wish they had more room. Take that factor off the table and refuse let a small outdoor area limit you. In fact, you can take your cue from the amazing balcony gardens below…

Compact Balcony Gardens

“But all I have is a slab of concrete and a confining rail”… Well, so did these folks! And look what they’ve done with their outdoor spaces! From growing produce to letting bright orange blooms have their moment in the spotlight, the curators of this charming balcony garden have used a variety of strategies to create a truly green space with a natural look. [from Priscilla Torres]

Balcony garden design

Don’t be afraid of color…or a little drama! We love how the sculpture below emerges from the ivy… Not to mention, a little bistro seating is the perfect complement to a slew of red and purple blossoms. [from Houzz user Jeannie]

Floral balcony garden

Layering a variety of plants by combining them into one container is a wonderful technique for creating a wild look. And there’s something so European about the way it all comes together on the balcony below… [from Lonny]

Beautiful plants in a scenic outdoor space

We love this diverse collection of plants featured at seebyzoe. Remember to make sure your blooms and greenery can handle a lot of sun if they are out in the open. [via Potted Plant Society]

Lovely plants on a compact balcony

In a different shot of the same balcony, we see how the blogger ordered artificial grass for this beautiful outdoor space. The result: a lush green carpeting that will weather the elements nicely! And the look is a great way to fulfill the urge for your own lawn. Very “English garden,” don’t you think?!

Balcony garden with artificial grass

Remember when I mentioned the black and white striped pillows from my balcony garden? Well, there’s just something special about stripes. So chic and timeless. Which is why the awning below makes all the difference for this small balcony space… [from Lonny]

Balcony with a striped awning

Make sure you enjoy your balcony garden to the fullest by including a place to sit. Or better yet, two spots so you can take in the view with a friend… [from Ed Roth via Houzz]

Inviting balcony garden

Then again, if you only have room for one chair, there IS something quite special about having a quiet getaway for one. A place to rest your feet and a table to rest your drink are other essentials, as shown below:

Lounge chair on a small balcony

If you feel extra ambitious, include a table so you can enjoy a meal among the vines. In fact, we can’t help but admire the charming overgrown look of this next balcony garden… [from Lonny]

Climbing plants on a balcony

Spacious Balcony Gardens

We now move on to balcony gardens with a bit more space. If you have room for a potting bench or a little table, you can incorporate the element of height. In fact, the wooden planks on the balcony wall below help add character to this plant-filled space. Note the variety of pots involved, and the use of greenery from floor to ceiling. [from Pambaboma]

Plants on a balcony with wooden details

The Hoboken terrace garden below features a Bali theme. Hanging lights, hanging plants and a metal planter help create interest in this inviting space. [from Little Miracle Designs]

Tropical terrace garden

We see similar planters on a larger scale on this next balcony garden, complete with lush greenery that lines the entirety of the space. A variety of plant life can be seen. Don’t forget to add diversity with a range of leaf sizes (and shades of green). [from MyLandscapes]

Lush balcony garden

Lining the rail with plants is an excellent option, especially if you have flowerbeds in the vicinity of the metalwork. Not only does greenery bring a sense of life to the balcony, it creates privacy… [from Airbnb]

Balcony garden with railing plants

Grass and flowers can be seen along the interior of the rail below. The radiant flowers are the perfect counterpart to the green hills on the outside of the glass. [from Savio & Rupa]

Balcony garden with a stunning view

Today we’ve showcased a variety of looks, from the wild and overgrown to the manicured and carefully planned. And there’s nothing more modern and manicured than sleek planters filled with spiky leaves. Throw in comfy seating with clean lines, and you have a contemporary space worth celebrating! [from Lonny]

Balcony with modern planters

If you’re lucky enough to have room for a dining table on your balcony, you can entertain outdoors! Give the space a garden-like feel with a touch of greenery. Make sure to include some tall plants that draw the eye upward and surround guests with greenery as eye-catching as the delicious food you will undoubtedly serve! [from Sage Ecological Landscapes]

Balcony garden with dining space

Plants, trees, benches. Green, purple, white. So much on display, yet it all seamlessly blends. Design perfection! [from The Artist Garden]

New York terrace garden

This next balcony garden is truly plant-centered. Pots line the walls and the ledge. Not to mention, there’s a greenhouse! Good thing there are also chairs and a table for enjoying the all of this lush vegetation! [from Port + Quarter]

Balcony garden with potted plants

A little rain never hurt anything! How amazing are the “gravel-scapes” below?! From the metal edging to the raised planters with modern blooms, this space is truly a work of art… [from Breaux Design]

Modern balcony garden in the rain

We end with a shot from the inside out. Because that’s the view you’ll get from the inside of your home once you take the time to cultivate your outdoor space! And if your balcony happens to have a view, you’ll get a double dose of scenic beauty! [from Martin Kobus Home]

Master suite with balcony garden

When I had a balcony garden of my own, my look was definitely “tropical”…with a hint of Miami style! Today we’ve seen a variety of balcony garden looks, from the sleek and modern to the charmingly layered and overgrown. What’s your balcony style? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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