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Spiral Cone Legs: Sturdy Support Brings Home Ingenious Space-Age Style!

Some of the best inventions and discoveries in the world have happened by accident, and often what starts out as a simple project ends up being much more than the obvious. The story of the Spiral Cone Legs crafted by artisan Lance Stephenson follows a similar path. What started as a science fair project for his niece soon morphed into long-lasting, stylish and innovative legs for all kinds of decor. These gorgeous additions promise to replace the mundane and monotonous appeal of your decor and replace the traditional table legs with a more flashy and durable option.

It was years after developing a water bottle rocket for his niece with a series of metallic curves and a launching chamber that Stephenson realized the same design could be used to craft inspired furniture legs. Assuming the form of space-age antennas that you might see in a sci-fi flick, these lovely legs have been sand-blasted and powder-coated, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Each of the pieces is personally crafted by Stephenson himself, and you have a wide variety of sizes and options that ensures these legs easily replace the existing ones on your coffee table, dining table, couch, or even the stainless steel kitchen island.

One of the first things that struck us when we initially encountered the Spiral Cone Legs is the Midcentury Modern vibe that they exude. If someone were to tell you that they came from that sculptural era of design, you would not be one bit surprised! Fitting in effortlessly with a variety of themes that vary from the industrial to the semi-minimal, they are uber-easy to install. Pick some up today; throw in a unique tabletop to create an inimitable DIY Coffee table on one of those lazy summer weekends!

Making of the Spiral Cone Legs in Pictures…

Sherry Nothingam

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