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Lavish Apartment Renovation Showcases An Array Of Space-Saving Solutions

When it comes to interior design and decor, we often tend to equate space with luxury. But creative modern architects and designers are quickly putting an end to this myth with the ingenious use of limited space. Occupying an area of just 51 square meters (549 square feet), this gorgeous, contemporary apartment in Bratislava, Slovakia is all about maximizing the available room in every possible manner. Conjured up and brought to life by RULES Architekti, the snazzy apartment was once an old, neglected hub that was in urgent need of a complete makeover.

Lovely living area that is connected to the small balcony oustide

Doing away with unnecessary walls, architects used an open floor plan to ensure that there was no visual fragmentation of space. A stylish living area with a custom-crafted couch that also doubles as an additional bed welcomes you with modern style. A wall-mounted TV, floating shelves, a sleek workstation and minimal decor ensure that the entire space feels airy and inviting. A stunning kitchen next to the living area steals the show with its clean lines, exclusive shelves and a state-of-the-art overhead kitchen countertop that serves as the heart of the home!

Living room with colorful LED lighting and a living wall

Open plan living area for the small apartment

Plush couch in grey that also doubles as a bed

Sleek wall-mounted shelves and workstation

View of the sleek, contenmporary kitchen with space-saving shelves

Living Room of the small  Bratislava apartment

Ergonomic modern kitchen in white with floating shelves and counter

Smart combination of closed cabinets in kitchen that save up on space

The bedrooms and the bath follow a similar design style with grey and white being used extensively. Smart LED lighting further adds a sense of freshness and sophisticated ambiance to the entire living area. A thriving green living wall ushers in a touch of natural goodness while the frosted glass doors and lovely sheer drapes give the homeowners the necessary privacy. Efficient, exquisite and luxurious, the apartment tells you that 50 m2 can also be turned into a brilliant and comfy home…

View of the kitchen from the foyer

Small bedroom in white and grey

Sliding doors in the bedroom

Mirrors help in enhancing visual space in small bedrooms

Small bathroom design idea with glass shower enclosure

Contemporary bathroom in grey

Floating bathroom vanity in white with sink

Gorgeous living wall idea for the modern home

Red LED lighting for the floating kitchen counter

Workdesk and floating shelf in the semi-minimal living room

Blue LED lighting for the snazzy modern living room

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