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Shining A Spotlight On The Dazzling CLUB Collection By Tom Dixon

The name Tom Dixon evokes images of beautiful pendant lights that have become a staple in contemporary living rooms across the world. These curvy and sculptural additions add both geometric and textural contrast and often usher in a hint of metallic charm. Taking this style quotient to a whole new level is the flashy CLUB Collection from the British designer that made its debut at the Milan Design Week 2014. We obviously brought you an early preview of the collection before the event and an exclusive review after the event that briefly touched upon the collection. But today we take a closer look at its many delights.

Beat table and floor lamps from Tom Dixon

While the overall concept of the CLUB Collection is to reinvent the classic British Members Club, the many lamps and furnishings that fill the lineup stand out even on their own. From beautiful additions to the popular Beats pendant series to the futuristic Pivot chairs, this is an assortment crafted to turn heads –

Minimal Beat in Grey and Brass

The Beat Light is arguably the most popular creation from the Tom Dixon stable, and the latest unveiling saw the addition of new members to this vibrant series. The Beat collection already features various shapes in the form of Fat, Stout, Wide and Tall. While the form remains constant, the new additions come in grey and brass finishes. Inspired by the traditional water vessels used in India, Beats now features a floor and table lamp as well. Clad in a golden brass finish, the light steals the show in any space it adorns.

Entire Beat Collection from Tom Dixon on Display

The minimal looking grey Beat pendants complement the already existing selections in Black, White and Brass. Hand-spun by artisan craftsmen in Northern India, these pendants come with a shiny silver plate inside that gives them a magical aura.

Create interesting and minimal visuals with the Beat lights

Gorgeous and minimal Beat pendants in Grey by Tom Dixon

Gorgeous Beat lights in Grey at Milan Design Fair 2014

Beat pendants in stylish minimal design

Beat lighting in Grey

Beat Table Lamp in golden brass and black

FLOOD – Inspired by the Auto World

If you are an auto-maniac, then Flood is all set to rock your world with its sizzling style! Inspired by the form of the modern car headlamp, the Flood light is all about bringing the automobile aura indoors. Made from injection–molded polymers, a polycarbonate lens and a dimmable LED light, this selection turns any mundane corner into an instant focal point. While it looks simply stunning in black, it is also available in gold and should make for that perfect pendant above the kitchen island or the dining table.

Beautiful Flood lighting inspired by automobile industry

Lovely modern pendant light from Tom Dixon

A closer look at the Flood pendant light

Sculptural and Stunning PIVOT

Even though it is the pendants from Tom Dixon that hog the limelight, the PIVOT collection of chairs could quickly change this trend. Appearing to drop out of a Star Wars spaceship, these chairs with sharply upholstered silhouettes add a whole new sculptural and geometric dimension to the room. Borrowing from the flashy ’60s and the swinging ’70s, the chairs seem to blend styles that range from the ultra-futuristic to the colorful retro! With a high-back chair, a low-back chair and a bar stool, the collection brilliantly combines comfort and aesthetics!

Tom Dixon Collection at the Milan Design Week 2014

Sharp and angular Pivot Chair Collection

Pivot Low Back Chair from Tom Dixon

Pivot Bar Stool in Red from Tom Dixon

High back chair with a sculptural shape

Geometric Brilliance at its Best

The CLUB Collection features various other glittering additions, which seem to amalgamate geometric design with optical illusion. The PLANE pendants with triangular and round metallic plates are a perfect case in point. The shiny Dome mirror and other fascinating tables complete this exclusive and almost eccentric stable of lamps and furnishings that got rave reviews at the Milan Design Week. So, which of these do you love the most?

Basic silhouettes  and bold geometry of Plane Collection

Closer look at the Plane Collection

Minimal and sculptural Dome Mirror from Tom Dixon

Lovely recangular table with unique design

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