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Multifunctional Dock Lamp Blends Sustainability With Warm Wooden Tones

Having trouble finding your keys, wallet and smartphone just as you are getting ready to leave for work? If you are like some of us lazy folk, then you will eventually find yourself either searching for a few minutes before you get a handle on those keys, or you will come back to get the mobile device that you just forgot! Versatile, stylish and ergonomic, TimberHarmony will put an end to all your hassles. This cool lamp dock is all about bringing together those simple organizational needs of the basic items you use most, and it does so with dazzling elegance!

Vintage-style brass socket with Edison Bulb of TimberHarmony

TimberHarmony seems like a perfect fit for the urban bachelor pad or the small studio apartment that you share with your other single buddies. No longer will you have to fumble through a confused heap of gadgets and accessories, and you can use this simple station carved out of salvaged black walnut wood to get a touch more organized. Offering customized options that ensure you can charge your particular smartphone or tablet (be it Apple or Android), TimberHarmony takes up very little space and sits gracefully atop any bedside table.

Use the stylish wooden docking station at the entryway

Change your bedside lighting with a simple switch of mason jars!

iPhone and iPad Charging Dock made out of slavaged wood

Charge your smartphones at the stylish wooden dock

A perfect place for your keys, wallet and smartphone

Gorgeous wooden bedside lamp and dock for all your needs

Closer look at the LED lighting of TimberHarmony

A hint of natural green for your bedside table

You can get one of these items either with a dock or with just the lamp that serves as a lovely addition to any room in the house. We particularly love the vintage-style brass socket with an Edison bulb, and with metallic accents seeing a revival in 2014, this is a perfect way to give your desk a trendy makeover. For the more creative, the base with LED light allows you to experiment with a multitude of lighting options and bedside accessories.

Made from salvaged wood and polished using natural oils and beeswax, each TimberHarmony comes with natural edges intact, which make this gorgeous addition even more enchanting. Making it ever greener is the fact that a new tree is planted with the sale of every unit of TimberHarmony. So, why not grab one today?!

LED Lamp version of TimberHarmony

Timberharmony with just the steampunk styled lamp

Use the LED base to create custom lighting fixtures

TimberHarmony is made from salvaged black walnut wood

Use the dock and lamp combo in any room of your choice

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