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10 DIY Wall Art Projects For The Outdoors

Have you been spending time outdoors this spring? I’ve been doing my share of gardening and lounging in the beautiful weather. In fact, the more time I spend outside, the more I realize just how much my yard could benefit from some strategic DIY projects. Earlier this month, I shared some little improvements I completed to start getting my outdoor space ready for spring. And then on Monday, I wrote about DIY projects created with cinder blocks–researching the post inspired me to create my own cinder block bench for the front patio (I’ll share the details soon).

Now that my patio has received a bit of a boost, it’s clear just how blank the surrounding walls truly are. I’m hoping to fill the space with a diy wall art project for the outdoors, hence the inspiration for today’s post! Believe it or not, there are a variety of options that will weather the elements, and you can definitely create some interesting pieces that will fit your budget. Check out the fabulous ideas the follow, and see if they give you that boost of DIY energy you need to fill your outdoor space with modern flair!

Outdoor DIY Wall Art Created With Wood

This first batch of DIY projects involves the use of wood. When working with wood outdoors, keep in mind that your material of choice will likely weather over time. Which is what many people LOVE about wood! But make sure you research how your selection will hold up in the elements so there are no surprises down the road, and so you can seal/treat the wood if you desire.

First up: a wooden wall sculpture designed by landscape artist Jamie Durie. Not only is this structure (created from recycled lumbar beams) interesting to look at, it is installed with a misting system that serves a practical purpose in the outdoor space below! [via DIY Network]

Wooden wall sculpture for the outdoors

While I might not include the misting system if I give the project above a try, the modern structure of the wood got me thinking about other ways to incorporate wood into outdoor art pieces. Which brings me to the next selection: a modern wooden art piece! Created by Dana of House*Tweaking as part of Home Depot’s Patio Style Challenge, the work consists of salvaged wood mounted on treated plywood and sealed to protect it from the elements.

Outdoor wall art created from salvaged wood

Illuminate your patio with the help of this Outdoor Wood Marquee Letter DIY Tutorial from Tatertots & Jello. You can easily personalize this piece to feature your monogram of choice:

Marquis light for the outdoors

Outdoor Wall Art Groupings

When it comes to purchasing outdoor wall art, my dilemma involves the style of most popular selections. This style is typically ornate, featuring scroll work and other heavy patterns in wrought iron. Not that there’s anything wrong with this style–it’s just not my style. I was thrilled to find these more modern DIY alternatives involving the strategic grouping of materials! How clever is this DIY Honeycomb Wall Art, created from spray painted sets of drawer organizers fastened together?! Check out the full tutorial at DIY Showoff.

Honeycomb metal wall art

These Wall Play Ornaments from Flora Grubb Gardens come in sets of three or nine, and they’re available in lime, orange, red, blue and purple. Arrange them in groups to create your own wall art that doubles as a handy hook system for outdoor items such as tools.

Wall Play Ornaments from Flora Grubb Gardens

This Spray Paint Wall Art gets its power from the grouping of colorful canvases. Spray paint, stencils and other handy materials help create the modern patterns you see below. I have some pre-cut metal sheeting that I might substitute for the canvases if I choose to tackle this innovative project! Head on over to Brit + Co. for all the details.

Spray paint outdoor wall art

This Porch Wall Art is created by Amy of Positively Splendid. Featured at from Homes.com, the easy-to-craft project involves rolled moss fastened to the back of frames with the help of hot glue. The beauty of this project is the way you can customize it to suit your style. Create a more modern look using a clean-lined frame if you wish!

Framed moss outdoor artwork

Outdoor DIY Wall Art Featuring Plants

One of the best parts of being outdoors: enjoying the beautiful greenery! By creatively arranging wall-mounted plants, you can craft art that’s a natural fit for your outdoor space. For example, the AirplantFrame from Airplantman is made of powder-coated aluminum and hand-strung with nylon-coated stainless steel cables. Purchase one of these gorgeous items and use your DIY energy to arrange air plants in the design of your choice. [featured at Design Milk]

Air plant frame filled with greenery

Another option: purchase a wall planter by Insitu to provide a grid for displaying the pots and plants of your choice. Available in five standard sizes, these planters are finished in either black satin or white gloss enamel. Once again, you can purchase an item to get you started, then use your DIY energy to fill it with a beautiful arrangement! [featured at NOTCOT]

Insitu wall planters filled with pots

We end with one last DIY idea for creating your own outdoor wall art: try making your own DIY hanging planters and hang them in groups to create a powerful statement on your outdoor wall of choice! There are a slew of planter ideas that you can easily build, including this Hanging Wall Planter project from Curbly:

Hanging wall planter idea

I don’t know about you, but the ideas in today’s post have my head spinning with DIY possibilities! In fact, I’m now considering taking one of the projects above and making a few tweaks so it will fit my outdoor space. I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, let us know if you give any of these projects a try by leaving a comment below…

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