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Dynamic Minimalist Kitchen Sizzles With Flaming Red Accents

Modern kitchens are a stylish combination of elegance and functionality, which serve you in more ways than one. Coming from Italian manufacturer Comprex, this gorgeous, minimalist kitchen designed by Marconato & Zappa is all about making the kitchen a natural extension of your living room. With many homeowners and designers walking down the path of open floor plans, it makes sense to have kitchens that complement and enhance the style and scheme of your living room. Doing precisely that is Filo Young, a versatile creation that is for the young and the hip!

Modern minimalist kitchen with bright pops of red

Adjusting to the busy and dynamic needs of the modern lifestyle, this ravishing kitchen can be customized to suit your own specific needs. Balance is the key aspect of Filo, as the kitchen is neither visually overwhelming with too much color and gloss, nor dull and lifeless. Combining warm wooden accents with stoic greys and dashing reds, the kitchen features a combination of textures that exude poise and sophistication. Each module is made of a new, high-pressured variety of wood called materico, and the kitchen is available in colorful variants that range from mocha to pomegranate red.

Beautiful wooden kitchen cabinets coupled with open red shelves

Pendant light in white for the kitchen

Exclusive minimalist kitchen by Marconato & Zappa for Comprex

Clean lines and sculptural bar stools add to the minimal appeal

Open kitchen shelf in fiery red

Sparkling metallic accents and beautiful pendant lights further enhance the aura of Filo, which promises to complement your posh living room with effortless ease. A combination of closed cabinets, open shelves, an ergonomic kitchen island with a serving area and an efficient workstation complete this uber-cool kitchen. Restrained, minimal and charismatic, it allows your home to make a bold style statement!

Focussed task lighting idea for the contemporarykitchen

Elegant Kitchen island and serving area

Art work adds to the accent color of the kitchen

A perfect living room and kitchen idea for an open floor plan

A closer look at the living room configuration

Sherry Nothingam
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