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Exuberant English Home Delights With A Colorful And Original Interior

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we featured the audacious and exciting Souldern Road Project that showcased a grand extension for a classic Victorian house. It seems the folks from DOS Architects are pretty fond of giant glass boxes, as they have come up with another cool project that features a similar style residence. Little Venice is a refreshingly charming English home that moves away from the mundane. Showcasing a cool contemporary extension that connects its modern kitchen with the smart backyard, the ingenious London house is filled with plenty of color!

Glassy entrace to the exclusive London Home

The snazzy glass box utilized to add additional living space to the existing residence allows the homeowners to enjoy the many sights and sounds outside in an unabated fashion. A smart dining room occupies this area and is filled with decor that will instantly impress any design aficionado. Apart from the lovely wooden dining table, the presence of the sculptural Wishbone chairs lends a Mid-Century Modern vibe to the setting. Add to it the charming Tom Dixon pendants that are hung from a steel beam above and you truly have a beautifully curated dining space.

Glassy addition to the exclusive London Home

Timeless Wishbone Chairs at the Dining Table

Tom Dixon Pendant Lights above the Dining Table

Colorful wall additions enliven the space

Lovely contrast of colors between the pendants and the backdrop

Modern kitchen in different shades of white

Sun room styled addition to the kitchen

Kitchen and dining areas visually connected with the backyard

Elegant vases complement the silhouette of the pendants

But the Little Venice Project holds more delightful surprises beyond the obvious extension and the dining area. Tucked behind the dining room is a modern kitchen in white and cream. The living room, bedroom, home office and kids’ room follow a similar soft color scheme. Yet bright pops of orange, turquoise, blue, yellow and green enliven each room in a breezy and pleasant fashion. Plush decor and the Dixon pendants are a staple in every room, as the entire house seems to exude an understated coastal style.

Gorgeous living room with plush sofa in gray

Classic fireplace in a modern living room

Breezy coastal color palette used inside the London House

A more classic approach to decorating

Pops of blue and yellow throughout the house

Splashes on green, yellow and pink in the kids' room

Acrylic chair and smart organization ideas in the home office

Traditional bath in cool blue

Little Venice by DOSarchitects in London

Sherry Nothingam
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