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Three Fabric Patterns That Are Making A Splash In 2014

The spring collections have been in stores for months now, and for many major retailers, the summer collections have already arrived–it’s a great time of the year to reflect on the top trends of 2014. Today’s post is dedicated to three popular fabric patterns that are modern, eye-catching and cutting edge. Check out the prints that follow and see what captures your attention. We think you’ll agree that this season it’s all about geometry!

The Diamond

We all know that geometric design is one of today’s top trends, especially when triangle motifs are involved. However, triangle patterns have evolved over time to incorporate larger forms, created when triangular shapes merge and blend. What do you get when you stack two triangles–one on top of the other? A diamond! This Triangle Haze 18″ Pillow from CB2 features both triangles and diamonds. What you see all depends on how you look at it…

Triangle- and diamond-patterned pillow

These Metallic Diamond Pillow Covers from West Elm are some of the modern retailer’s most fetching new finds. The blend of natural linen and shiny forms is enticing, especially since the pillow covers feature a pattern based on the artwork of renowned British designer Sarah Campbell. So glam!

Metallic diamond pillow covers from West Elm

Once again we have an interplay of triangles and diamonds with the Mountain Lake Cushion from Ferm Living. Two reasons to love this pattern: the striking colors and the fact that the design is hand printed.

Diamond-pattern pillow

The diamond-studded fun has even reached the realm of rugs, thanks to designs such as the Marque Chindi Rug from CB2. A blend of  geometric diamonds and freeform bands, this item can blend with a variety of styles, from the earthy and tribal to the contemporary and trendy.

Geometric rug with diamonds

The Plus Sign

Next up: the plus sign. It’s hard to put our finger on exactly why this design is becoming increasingly popular, but there’s something modern, symbol-based and “pop art” about the plus pattern, also known as the cross pattern. Below we see the Bisect 16″ Pillow from CB2, embellished with hints of bright green for some playful variety.

Plus sign pillow pattern

There’s nothing light bright red forms against a white background! This Red Cross Pillow from Etsy shop Classic By Nature features a hand-printed design created by a wood block printing technique, which results in a stylishly uneven texture.

Pillow with a red cross motif

Sometimes less is more. This Reversible Black and Natural Cross Pop Throw Pillow from Jonathan Adler features one black cross against a white background. The wool pillow has a ’60s pop vibe that is also very of-the-moment:

Plus sign pillow from Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is no stranger to plus sign popularity. For years he’s embedded this symbol in one of his most popular geometric patterns. Below we see the designer’s Striped Richard Nixon Alpaca Throw , which blends the plus print with a blue-and-white stripe motif.

Comfy throws by Jonathan Adler

The Semi-Circle

Some call it a half moon. Others call it a semi-circle. Or even a crescent. However you look at it, our last featured motif features a circle cut in half, and it takes center stage on the Half Moon Throw Pillow from Etsy shop K. Lewis Art + Illustration. A crisp yet whimsical blue-on-white design is fabric pattern perfection:

Pillow with a half moon motif

The Outdoor Wood Grain Crescent Pillow from West Elm combines shades of orange with a warm gray tone in a design inspired by Mid-century patterns. These weather-resistant items are perfect for outdoor seating.

Outdoor pillows with the crescent pattern

Bring on the semicircles, and stack them with pride! This Black Semicircle Cushion from ferm LIVING celebrates the power of numbers, as well as the power of geometric forms. Not to mention, the black-on-white color palette is sure to get noticed.

Cushion with black semicircles

Semicircles are all over this season’s finds from ferm LIVING, such as the Inka Cushion, shown in grey below (the pillow on the far right). Note how the half circles combine with other forms such as triangles for a geometric design that’s as memorable as it is unique!

Pillows with semi-circle motifs

It’s been fun to watch today’s featured patterns evolve over time. For example, the diamond pattern is often created by a combination of triangles, which have grown increasingly popular in the realm of design. The semicircle is a sharper version of popular patterns such as the scallop. Any ideas about what’s next in the world of fabric patterns? Share your thoughts below…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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