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Dramatic Contemporary Residence Amazes With Stunning Design And Decor

We often look at so much inspiration from the Northern Hemisphere, it is nice to sometimes switch sides and explore an extraordinary modern residence from the other half of the globe. Located in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa, House SED is truly an exceptional extension project that sweeps you off your feet with sheer grandiosity. Designed by Rudolph van der Meulen Architects of Nico van der Meulen Architects, the lavish residence showcases sweeping interiors with high ceilings and posh decor additions that complement the inimitable appeal of the space. Originally a single-story home, the extension project doubled the entire living space of the house.

Facade of Sed in Johannesburg, South Africa

The revamped house sports a grand entrance that captivates you with a stylish water feature, a serene koi pond and a beautiful walkway that leads to the generous living area. An open floor plan sees an opulent living space, a stylish modern kitchen and a classy dining area connected visually with one another. The high ceiling and ample space give the residence an airy, open vibe. Cool pendants in copper hues, a fireplace in back-lit onyx and a minimal entertainment unit steal the show here. Clad in marble, glass and wood, House SED combines top-notch furnishings with equally refined design to create a sleek and sophisticated retreat.

Sed house by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Swivel door leading to the entrance

Water feature at the entrance of the house

Serene koi pond with walkway next to it

Transparent staircase design lends airiness to the space

Glass staircase and indoor water feature at House Sed

Gorgeous use of metal and glass

Exclusive decor inside the Sed house

Clever wooden divider doubles as the entertainment hub

Accents of violet and purple added through throw pllows

High ceiling gives the home a spacious look

Open floor plan living room

A glass staircase that floats above the indoor pond is another visual highlight of House SED that will leave you mesmerized. Posh bedrooms with inviting warmth, exclusive, private balconies and a refreshing pool complete the extension project. Large glass doors ensure that those inside can enjoy unobstructed views of the greenery outside, while the elegant lounge lets you rejuvenate and relax in style!

Exquisite modern kitchen in black and white

Pendant lights in copper hue above the kitchen counter

Stylish dining area with black table and chairs

Stylish LEM bar stools

Tom Dixon pendant lights in the stunning living room

Innovative use of wirey decor in the house

Stylish lounge space with comfy decor

Open deck area with refreshing pool

Master bedroom open to the private deck

Plush bedroom with floating bedside shelves

Private balcony connected to the master bath

Spa-like bath at home

Smart lighting aove the bathroom vanity

Home gym with lovely views of the outdoor

Entrance of the Sed House in South Africa

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