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Tabletop and Indoor Topiaries For An Added Charm

If you have been following our wonderful decor blog religiously, then you must have noticed a heavy focus on how to manipulate indoor plants and what green DIY projects are good for this season left and right! Here at Decoist, we are crazy about homes that rake in sustainable elements, as well as new ideas that merge sustainable practicality with elegant designs.

While decorating our home to the best of our abilities is a goal for us all, the beautification of our lovely planet is actually what matters the most. By diversifying the selections of home decor, which can involve more organic materials and biodegradable objects, you put yourself on the ultimate green path toward a more responsible, clean future, not just for yourself but for mankind as a whole.

To steer you in the right direction, I’m going suggest indoor topiary plants for a fun, charismatic way to spice up your living spaces.

Topiaries In All Shapes And Sizes

The good thing about indoor topiary plants is that they are extremely easy to look after. Instead of forking over big bucks to the weekly gardener, you can use a fast pair of gardening scissors and snip a few geometric shapes in the backyard or in the kitchen. If you are worried about making a mess, just lay out some old newspaper to catch the fallen leaves and branches!

Siemasko + Verbridge

Abbey Construction Company

Puffy Orbs Of Leaves

Now that we have the ball rolling, it’s time to really dive in deep with indoor topiary designs! When we are talking about topiary plants, there’s no escaping the classic spherical elements like the ones below. These designs are so well-loved that I thought they deserved their own 10 minutes in the spotlight–check it out!

Holems Culley Beachhouse

One round topiary is good, but two are always better. And if you think two is a good number, then my advice is…the more the merrier! Don’t you the think the beautiful balcony layout above is a great example of what indoor topiaries should look like?

Divine Bathroom Kitchen and Laundry 

Cone- and Spiral-Shaped Topiaries

If you are impressed with the round topiaries in the earlier section, then I’d hate to show you their counterparts… But I’m not going to do you a decor faux pas and deprive you pf all the great designs out there. Drum roll please…

The cone- and spiral-shaped topiaries below are striking selections that will pique your interest, I’m sure of it!

Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

Schrader and Companies

The Interior Edge

Living Room and Dining Room Changes

I personally enjoy seeing topiary plants in the living room, mainly because they offer a welcoming sight for all my guests and friends. To be honest, I’m a big fengshui-er, so naturally I take pleasure in making sure the home has a flowing theme. And if you are anything like me, then I would recommend good amounts of indoor topiaries to Zen-out your living space.

Elad Gonen

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc

Griffin Crane General Contractors 

Not a big fan of coat hangers and umbrella bins near the front door? If you fall into the group of designers who turn a cold shoulder to such ideas, then how about a pair of topiary plants like the ones above to remedy your designer’s block?

SLC Interiors

Cyndi Parker Interiors 

While outdoor topiaries are generally several feet tall and immeasurably wide, indoor pots do not need to be as massive and grand. Petite pots like the ones on the dining room table above work just fine for homes, both large or small!

So how about it, have I stolen your heart with my list of topiary plants? If so, be sure to leave a comment below and tell us which ones are your favorites!

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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