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Hanging Plants and Soil-less Vegetation For Green Homes

As we slowly make our transition from the somber grayness of winter to the romantic sunshine of spring, it’s not a bad decision to reflect this change in seasons in your home decor! If you are wondering what counts as spring decor, then today’s post will have you going bonkers! Even though I’m featuring potted plants, hanging greens, and lush vines, I promise a floral home decor post will come shortly.

In the meantime, I hope you are ready to express your creativity with your green thumb, because this time of the year only comes once, and it is definitely a calendar mark that you will not want to miss.

Organic Greens Around the House

The idea of plants in the home is nothing foreign to the world of design, but it is a trend that has picked up considerable speed and is quickly becoming a fashionable trait in all modern arrangements. Whether you favor real greens or are okay with those Ikea plastic ones, these changes add a new profound energy to the home, one that can’t be replaced by machinery-made materials or factory-bought products.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Keeping plants in the living room should never limit you to ceramic pots and non-aromatic fertilizers. Instead, tree branches like the ones in the room above can survive just fine in large glass vases half-filled with water. Make sure there is enough natural light and you will have nothing to worry about!

Sarah Greenman

Simple designs should be paired with simple decorations. If you like the bedroom look above, then opt for an adorable hanging pot and a side table vase with a little branch stolen from your backyard tree.

Galle Guevara

If you are living in an apartment with a small balcony, then you will surely find sidewall hanging pots to be a favorable choice for all your green DIY projects. They not only provide you with extra space, but can also prove to be an extremely versatile storage feature.

Louise De Miranda

From whichever angle you admire your neighbor’s white lattice fence, it is always able to capture your attention and make you jump at the idea of creating one yourself. But instead of copying their ideas, you can position a similar selection in the room of your choice and use it for all your indoor vegetation, much like the design idea above.

Yakusha Design

Backyard Green Ideas

As much as I highlight the beauty of indoor plants, I can’t help but share a quick burst of inspiration for the backyard. If the idea of a sunroom or a gazebo strikes you, then why not combine the two and find yourself in a half room and half-open space like the one below.

Photographed by Brantley 

Danes Custom Homes

Homeowners who think outside of the box truly deserve a round of applause. As they take on unique projects and original designs like the selection above, we get an example of what a modern home garden should look like! By hanging plants on the wall, you get a home that seamlessly intertwines itself with its surroundings.

In the Bedroom and Around the House

If you place the same pot of plants in two different atmospheres, you will get two distinct looks. Don’t believe me? Take a look below!

Heather Mearander

Auerbach Architects

Did you compare the first and second pictures in this section? If you did, were you able to notice how the bathroom comes together with a trendy, sustainable vibe while the bedroom takes on a fresher tone of urbanness?

MCM Design

Mark Tessier Landscape Architects 

Sustainable Garden Perth

Doesn’t the garden above look like a scene out of the movie Inception? It’s pretty amazing how the homeowners were able to hang patio rock decorations and make them look flawless. Take inspiration and maybe drill some sidewalk stones yourself?

Rikki Synder

I hoped you enjoyed today’s nature-inspired post… be sure to share your thoughts and what you would like to see more of below!

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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