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Distinctive Facade And A Dazzling Interior Shape The Thorncrest House

With most modern houses adopting a similar approach to design, architects now have to turn toward new materials and innovative finishes to give every home a distinct look. This task becomes even more challenging when one is conceptualizing a gorgeous private residence that embraces the contemporary trend of clean and well-defined straight lines. The ingenious folks at Altius Architecture decided to overcome this conundrum by giving the beautiful Thorncrest House in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada sparkling blue zinc cladding that visually sets it apart from the buildings around it.

Facade of the beautiful Thorncrest Residence

The inventive use of metal to give the structure a distinct identity reminds us of the beautiful green patina-aged copper exterior of another ravishing modern house we stumbled across in Singapore earlier. Without a doubt, the cool blue exterior of the Thorncrest coupled with smartly placed Spanish cedar accents draw your attention instantly. Step inside and you will not be disappointed with the glittering decor and lacquered finishes that combine sleek semi-minimalism with inviting warmth.

Thorncrest House by Altius Architecture

Blue zinc cladding on the extreior of the house

Distinct facade with zinc cladding and cedar

Floating cloud-like pendant lights inside the house

Lovely sitting area inside the elegant private residence

Accents of red inside the contemporary house

Modern kitchen win bright red and white

Dining area with beautiful chairs

Stunning modern fireplace in the living room

A smart entranceway leads to a sunken living area that is bordered by a stunning fireplace. A beautiful kitchen with fiery red cabinets and a dining area with the curvy and chic Globus chairs designed by Jesús Gasca become the focal point of the double-height lower level. The top floor features the private quarters, along with the master bedroom and a slender walkway that connects both the wings.

On the outside, a sunken pool, deck and grass terraces offer a wonderful opportunity to relax and take in the pleasant Canadian summer. Offering ample privacy along with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape outside, the Thorncrest brings together the best of both worlds.

walkway leading to the bedroom

Warm wooden accents in the modern bathroom

Caboche chandelier in the bathroom

Spa-like bathroom experience with a large bathtub

The Thorncrest House after sunset

Distinct facade of the Throncrest House in Canadian winter

Snow-filled frontyard of the house

Chilly winters in Ontario

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