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Elegant Chilean Residence Draped In A Lovely Cloak Of Green

Stylish, inviting and tranquil, Casa Cantagua is a beautiful modern residence located in Zapallar, Valparaíso, Chile. Drawing you in with its seemingly rustic exterior and the charming scenery that surrounds the building, this gorgeous home is set on a perfect vantage point that allows the homeowners to take in sweeping views of the adjacent woods and the beautiful coastline in the distance. Designed by Raimundo Anguita, it combines the many sights and sounds of a secluded pine forest with the freshness of the cool evening ocean breeze, while its woodsy exterior seems to effortlessly blend with the surrounding landscape.

The house was developed to cater to the needs of a large family, along with a large number of guests who would arrive for the many weekend parties. Wood and glass are the two prominent building materials that define the look of Casa Cantagua and give it a sense of exclusivity. Despite its long, cubicle approach, each area inside the house is defined clearly by using ceilings that vary in height. The living space, dining room and kitchen are housed on the lower level, while the top floor features four bedrooms with bathrooms, along with the master bedroom that is connected with the rest of the house through a wooden bridge.

The presence of large glass windows and a spacious outdoor deck ensure that the residents of the house get to take in the serene backdrop at every possible instance. Unassuming and warm, the striking residence brings together aesthetics and functionality…

The house appears as a south shed, typical of Chili, with great interior luminosity given by the large windows and three lucarnas that cross the ceiling, integrating the pines to the interior of the house, creating a very cozy, restful abode.

Sherry Nothingam

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