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Metallic Exterior Meets Modern Interiors At Singapore’s Green House

Contemporary design is all about innovation. The fascinating Green House in Singapore designed by K2LD Architects presents an innovative take on energy consumption. Clad in a patina-aged copper exterior, the home paints a very distinct visual picture. Step inside though and you will see stylish modern interiors that are laced in wood stone and glass. This beautiful contrast, coupled with the creative façade of the residence make the 7,879 square foot contemporary home both appealing and inviting.

Street view of the Green House by K2LD Architects

Surrounded by plenty of natural green, the home tries to pay off of this visual as its metallic exterior reflects the images all around the home. The patina-aged copper cladding though goes beyond being a mere visual accessory. Working along with the timber infill used in the structure, the exclusive exteriors acts as a natural heat shield and regulates the temperature of the interiors. Spread across three different levels, the residence receives ample natural ventilation thanks to the sliding glass doors and intelligent placement of shutters and sculptured gardens.

Etranceway to the modern Green House in Singapore

Copper exterior of Green House offers thermal insulation

Ample natural greenery around the house

Patina-aged copper clad exterior of the Green House

Top floor with patio space

Look inside the modern bedroom

The lower level of the home houses the kitchen, study, living and dining spaces, Jacuzzi, home library and work area. Both the top levels contain the private quarters which include the master bedroom and the entertainment room. Warm wooden tones have been generously used throughout the home even as the neutral interiors and plush décor keep the design style contemporary.

Striking, energy-conscious and stylish, the Green House most definitely sports a unique presence that is inimitable and exceptional!

Parking space and outdoor lounge

Plush decor and large glass windows

Lovely flooring steals the show

Small breakfast nook at the Green House

Stylish lighting fixtures

Interesting vase arrangment inside the Green House

Contemporary interiors of the Green House

Wooden accents at the entrance

Atrium inside the Green House

Stairs leading to the top level

Modern bathroom in stone and glass

Natural green inside the house

Green House in Singapore after sunset

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