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Beautiful Mosaic Walls Featuring Bits And Pieces Of Glass

Not many homes are adorned with a mosaic wall, but for the small handful that are, the design has lent itself quite nicely to the decor. Often times mosaic walls are featured in a single color, but there are some that still demonstrate the design’s traditional beauty, which involves well thought-out pictures and geometric shapes.

Mosaic walls are like the big kids on the block, especially when compared to other wall embellishments such as decals and posters. Their sophisticated appearance does wonders in creating an uplifting space filled with texturized intrigue and colorful individuality. If you have ever considered puzzling together a mosaic wall for a room in your house, don’t hesitate -just do it!

Simplicity Goes A Long Way

The question comes to mind: Where do I install such a wall? For starters, I’d recommend the bedroom and bathroom, mainly because these rooms can be rather bland. People try not to overcrowd their bedroom with extra ornaments or additional furnishings, but a mosaic wall can rectify the troubling design conundrum by giving you a taste of style along with a space-saving technique.

by Beckwith Interiors

See how the mosaic backdrop adds a powerful energy that enhances the feel of the living room above? If you were only to have white walls with the same furnishings, the result would be much different, possibly even a little bland.

by Bernbaum Magadini Architects

Again, you can see the intensity the mosaic wall adds to the bathroom, turning a calm, serene space into an invigorating oasis ideal for bath time pleasure.

Aqua Blue For Different Settings

Surprisingly, aqua blue is a very popular color for artists designing a mosaic wall. This selection closely resembles the rippling of water under the sun, which can be quite mesmerizing, even if it only takes shape in the form of small glass cubes.

by Birdhouse Media

by Bonick Landscaping

by Dkor Interiors Inc

by Triton Austin Architectural Interiors

A Choice Of Color

I like mosaic walls for their color. There is really no right or wrong way to come about such a design technique. As long as you pick the color of your choice, there is bound to be a pot of gold waiting at the end of your design rainbow.

by Ekman Design Studio

by Elad Gonen

The sunflower mosaic above is a beautiful creation for homes looking to establish a warm, comforting vibe. When a powerful image is accented with the right backdrop color, true design magic occurs. Above we see how a deep tone of maroon offsets the radiant floral design, creating a spectacular attitude and overall effect.

by Esther Herschcorch

If big flower mosaics are not your thing, perhaps piecing together your favorite quote across the wall of the room could be favorable. Let me guess yours… “carpe diem?”

by IMI Design Inc.

by Jen Chu Design

Wonderful and Colorful Patterns

We all enjoy a good pattern every now and again, especially if it is done right and by the hands of a talented creative genius. Here are some praiseworthy mosaic patterns that will lure you in, if you haven’t already been swept away by it all.

by Kallista

The design above is meant to resemble flower petals, and if you ask me, I think the designers did a great job in creating something abstractly wonderful.

Of course I always like to save the best for last. The selection above is probably one of my favorite designs throughout this post, because it ties in color, story, and a bit of traditional taste. It’s perfect for a monochromatic home that just needs a single feature to make the entire place pop.

Now that you’ve seen what you can do with mosaic walls, share your thoughts with others below…

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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