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Unique Decorating Walls Ideas for a Lasting Impression

When decorating walls, there are a few simple aspects one should take into consideration. Naturally, personal preferences will be the first to come into play, but there are also a set of simple sensitivity rules to be followed, such as don’t overdo it, avoid mixing too many styles, pick a suitable color hue when working with colors, and, above all, be creative.

If you wish to display a refined design without putting too much effort into the composition, you can work with textures. There is a wide array of materials available, from those closer to mother nature herself to some that came about from skilled craftsmanship. Pick your wall of interest and let’s see how it’s done.

Textured wall panels

Mosaic wall made from western red cedar

by Shari Misturak

Creative wood wall idea

by Beckwith Interiors

Among my personal favorites are carved panels. Many manufacturers produce them from wood material, with carved motifs in subtle relief, left in a natural finish or even painted and lacquered for a sleek and glossy look.

If you want to do it the cheap way and pride on your self crafted art creation, choose a large panel of your favorite wood. Look up an interesting pattern on the internet – such as a feminine vine motif or a very geometric one, perhaps an intricate Mayan amulet – and have it lasered onto the wood. Your guests will surely appreciate such an artistic touch, hung over a comfortable couch in the living room or displayed under great ambient lighting by your stylish dining table.

Patterned plaster

3D wall panels for your home

by Cre8evedesign

3D wall covers shaped like flowers

by The Sky is the Limit Design / Jo Ann Richards, Works Photography

Another effortless wall design in which the texture speaks for itself can be achieved by modelling plaster. Cast a thicker layer of plaster onto the wall and pick a paint roll with a certain texture or even stencils. The effect can range from vintage and sophisticated to modern and geometric, depending on the stencils and models you use. Here’s a soft organic waves texture, conveying a relaxing atmosphere to a modern dining space.

Wall tattoos look cool

Leaning tree wall poster for the bedroom
A white bicycle wall sticker in the living room
Modern city skyline wall sticker
City skyline wall decal for your dining room

If you’re not quite the artistic  type but would like to have a pictorial touch with no overbearing consequences, why not go with wall stickers? They are available in many sizes and a plethora of themes. Abstract floral themes are timeless and especially appropriate for a bathroom or boudoir. The pop culture approach is also very effective, with portrait outlines of female manga faces or celebrities.  Urban themes such as phone booths, street lamps or even city skylines are in trend now. Or would you like some playful cat silhouettes for your living room? How about recreating the intricate skyline of New York or Istanbul over the couch or fireplace? One of the best things about wall stickers is, you can combine them with your furniture or framed pictures for a stylish and synergistic effect.

Metal art for your walls

Modern small mirrors (metal like) sculpture

by 3 Doors Down Home Staging & Interior Redesign

Wall metal art – black birds on orange all

by CWB Architects

Modern metal wall art for the bedroom

 by Brenda McMahon Ceramics

For this one you’ll need a certain degree of blacksmithing  skill and a passion for metal. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the pleasures of handling hammer, pliers and perhaps a welding machine, the result will be artful, eccentric, and most of all, earned. One of the most versatile materials, metal ages well and can be very malleable.

There is a widely spread copper trend in jewelry, and for a good reason. It is easy to process and has splendid colors. Let’s apply this same craft to our beloved home walls. Depending on skill and taste, the wall metal art installation can be geometric with just a hint of relief or a real 3D sculpture.

An easier, corn-free way would be bringing a light installation by Cattellani and Smith into your home: the best of blacksmithing and lighting in one  exquisite piece.

Succulent wall art

A rare and fascinating approach to wall decor is hanging panels that sustain greenery. Nature lovers and not only will appreciate this vertical garden that thrives in sunny corners. You can buy it or make it yourself and develop an attachment to it, as well as pride and responsibility. After all, this fragile and beautiful living tapestry is not only pleasant to look at, but also brings well-being and freshness to your home.

Modern living room with succulent wall art

by RE.DZINE / Photos by Jenifer Koskinen- Merritt Design Photo


Modern wall art collage

by wallartstyles.com

Modern office with fancy collage on the walls

by A Few Things From My Life

Perhaps the most successful technique of modern art, collage, can fit nicely and easily into our everyday lives as wall decoration. It is the simple and unpretentious way to decorate and perhaps says the most about our personal likes and ideas, our dreams, our inspirations and cultural preferences. Buying  framed pictures is always an option, but there are so many available sources of art to select from. Today we have the liberty of printing, framing and displaying just about anything.

What do we want our walls to say about us?  Amazing photography can be found on the internet in high quality. There are writing boards making for incredibly simple and interactive wall art. Inspirational quotes or verses can be printed as glossy wall stickers. Add some textile to this collage for a hint of materiality or fashion reference and make your walls communicate!

Jeanne Paula

I write for decoist.

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