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Stunning Ocean Views And An Open Interior Define The Redcliffs House

The contours of a modern home are often determined by both the topography of the region and the prevailing weather conditions. Designed by MAP Architects and located in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Redcliffs House sports a unique façade and contemporary interiors that offer unabated views of the beach along with Kaikoura Ranges in the distance. This cantilevered structure sits at the highest point of a steep cliff, and its remarkable design gives you the impression that the residence is effortlessly floating above the ground!

Facade of the Redcliffs House in Christchurch, New Zealand

The street façade of the house is clad in Corten steel panels that give the homeowners ample privacy while providing a low-maintenance option. The weathered surface of the panels also gives the Redcliffs House an inimitable appeal of its own on the outside. The entrance is carefully concealed from any prying eyes, and a large art gallery-style corridor leads to the spacious living room. While the lower level features a spare bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen and dining area and the living room, the top floor opens up to offer some mesmerizing ocean views that leave you spellbound.

Modern house perched on a cliff with ocean views

Parking area under the cantilivered structure

Expansive home in Christchurch with unique design

Spacious terrace with glass railing and ocean views

Large open deck space with ocean views

Outdoor deck seating ideas

Beautiful living room and open dining area with ocean views

Stunning pool design with a view of the ocean

The large floating form of the house not only offers some brilliant views of the landscape for the pool, but also protects it from the chilly eastern winds throughout the year. This protection also allows the pool and the expansive outdoor deck to stay warm using passive solar heating methods that naturally trap the available sunlight. The interior is clad in crisp, neutral colors with wooden accents adding warmth to the space.

Sleek, modern fireplace design

Stylish kitchen and dining room in white

Modern staircase with glass railing

Long corridor with artw ork on the walls

Gorgeous bathroom in blacka nd white with floating vanity

Exterior of the Redcliffs House

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