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Hallway Decorating Ideas That Sparkle With Modern Style

Why is the hallway always the last place we think of decorating? OK, sometimes the laundry room ranks below it, but overall, we often view the hallway as an area of the home we travel through on our way to the places where we really want to spend time. And we decorate it accordingly–or not at all! I’ll admit it: I’m guilty of ignoring the hallway. I recently moved to a new place, and I have wall art hanging in every area of my home. Except for the hallway…

Today all of that changes. I’m officially on the hunt for some hallway decorating ideas. My hallway is pretty small, so I’m a bit limited in my options. But that doesn’t mean I have to neglect the area! Hanging artwork, installing distinct lighting, and purchasing a runner are a few ways to make an impact in hallway spaces. So read on for more details and inspirational pics…

Gallery-Style Hallways

What’s one of the easiest ways to transform a hallway into an eye-catching space? Hang artwork! There’s no remodeling involved. It can be done affordably. And you can rearrange the artwork if you decide you want to change up the look! For added fun, choose frames in a variety of colors and shapes, as shown below… [from Hufft Projects]

Gallery-style hallway

Then again, sometimes less is more. A trio of large pieces can make as big of a statement as a hallway filled with small artwork. [from John Lum Architecture Inc.]

Hallway with large artwork

Got a compact hallway? So do I! That’s why artwork is an ideal option for embellishment. It takes up little room, and if your hallway walls are on the small side, even better–the artwork will really stand out as it fills the space! [from Lonny]

Wall of artwork in an eclectic hallway

Don’t forget that the end of your hallway is another great space to hang artwork. Add a few prints and original pieces, and you have a true focal point. Note how uniform frames help tie together various styles of art. [from Lonny]

Artwork at the end of a chic hallway

Or go with one vivid piece at the end of the hall. Looking for a color that grabs your attention? You can’t go wrong with red! [from Ziger/Snead Architects]

Statement artwork at the end of a hallway

Hallway Shelving

Lets talk shelving. Not only is it a fabulous place to store books and other artistic flourishes, it can transform a blank wall into a beautifully designed conversation starter. If your hallway is large (as in the photo below), custom open shelving is a great option to explore. [photo by Mary Prince via Houzz]

Bookshelves in a modern hallway

You can even include framed pictures (and more artwork) on your hallway shelves. Small decor also stands out in bookshelf vignettes… [from Harrison Design Associates]

Hallway shelving

Isn’t the curved hallway below absolutely fabulous?! Dramatic artwork and vases definitely complete the look, and the recessed shelving makes a big impact. Sometimes it’s all about unusual choices. Such as deep, rich colors. Or flooring featuring horizontally-oriented wooden planks! [from Cornerstone Architects]

Curved hallway

Hallway Lighting

We now move on to lighting. Not only is it essential to illuminate your hallway (nobody likes walking around in the dark), a clever lighting strategy can really turn this area of the home into a special space! Below we see a hallway featuring two forms of interesting lighting. As well as two colors! Don’t hesitate to get creative, folks… [from Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc.]

Statement lighting in a contemporary hallway

Oh, the magic of pendant lighting! It’s whimsical. It’s dramatic. It can transform your interior. More than one pendant light? Pure design bliss! Wouldn’t you agree after checking out the hallway below? [from Thomas Shafer Architects]

Hallway pendant lighting

In fact, multiple lights are a popular way to brighten long hallways, as they create continuity and highlight the large scale of expansive corridors. [from DHR Architecture]

Dramatic lighting in a Mediterranean-style hallway

Got a small hallway? Me too! No problem… One special pendant light can be just as striking as a whole row of them. The hallway below showcases one of today’s hottest designs trends–geometric pendant lights outlined in metal, such as brass! [from Lonny]

Architectural pieces in a colorful hallway

If you can’t install pendant lighting for one reason or another, consider adding a table lamp. Yes, a table lamp! This idea is perfect for renters, and the look can be just as dramatic, especially when more than one lamp is involved… [from Swaback Partners pllc]

Lamps and sleek tables in a contemporary hallway

Hallway Runners

Our last featured hallway design idea involves the simple purchase of a runner. Not only does it call attention to the long shape of many hallways, it’s a great way to add color or pattern to the floor. In the hallway below, the runner reinforces the hue of the walls. [from Morgante Wilson Architects]

Blue runner in an elegant hallway

A neutral runner can also make a powerful statement, especially when it contrasts the color of the walls. The white hallway in the next image is bright and airy. Yet neutral tones bring it down to earth. [from Ike Kligerman Barkley]

Hallway runner in a neutral shade

The hallway below features a more permanent version of the runner–a tile floor! Note how the pattern creates a similar effect as the runners above while adding a breezy, dramatic look. [from Lonny]

Tile floor in an elegant hallway

If there were any way for me to install a new tile floor in my hallway, I would do it, hands down! How fabulous is the black and white flooring below? Gorgeous! But for now, maybe I can find a rug in a similar pattern… [from Lonny]

Tiled floor in a Hollywood Regency hallway

Would you install geometric tile in your hallway? Would you purchase a pendant light to make a statement in this space? Is shelving an option? How about a gallery-style display of artwork? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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