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Add Comfort To Your Home With Floor Pillows And Poufs

If you are looking to add comfort to your home, look no further — the floor pillow is just what you need. These comfy cushions are perfect for casual seating, a cozy nook, or a mediation corner. Not to mention, they can have stellar style! A stack of pillows can dress up an empty corner with bold prints and added texture. Or, they tuck away nicely and you can pull them out for your next game night or outdoor barbecue. The floor pillow is a versatile piece and a great addition to any home. They come in all different shapes and sizes to accommodate all of your styling and functional needs. To get you started on your search, I’ve collected several stunning pillows that just might work for your space.

The Pouf

My favorite of the floor pillows might just be the pouf. It looks as fun as it is to say. The pouf is a bulbous floor pillow that is high enough off the ground to almost be a stool, which makes it great as a seat, a foot rest, or a temporary end table. Its poufect!

The Round Swirl Felt Pouf has subtle stripes that fit nearly any decor. There is a carrying strap for easy mobility when moving these seats from room to room.  [from West Elm]

Be careful, you might just fall in love. This next one is edgy, natural, modern, rustic, comfortable . . . I could go on! This cushion is available in two sizes, Knotty and Mini Knotty. The pouf is lined and the upholstery is removable for easy cleaning when needed. [from Ku Me Ko]

The Moroccan-style floor pouf is a classic, and like most classics, it looks great with any style of decor. It is leather (meaning it is very durable) and comes in just about any color you can dream of. [from Jonathan Adler]

The Square Pouf

The square pouf is another great seating option. The simple shape of these poufs allows them to stack easily and still look great. Since the shape is simple, the pattern can be bold! So, if you choose a square pouf, use it as an accent and pick a pattern or a bright color. These graphic prints are just what I had in mind. [from West Elm]

If you already have enough print in your palace or your style is modern rustic, try the Bubble Knit Pouf for your interior. Notice this pouf also makes a great ottoman. [from West Elm]

The Floor Cushion

If you’re a natural floor sitter or need a meditation pillow, the floor cushion might suit you. These cushions are easy to store so you can get multiples for your guests. You can also use them out on your patio or put them on a bench for added comfort. The cushions pictured below are luxurious velvet. [from CB2]


These low cushions are the perfect size for sitting at a coffee table.

The Statement Pillow

Think outside the box and get a statement pillow that might as well be art! Livingstones appear to have come from a surrealist painting or a dream. The floor cushions are formed as oversized river rocks that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These quality rock pillows are made of merino wool and are sure to be comfortable. So if you need some floor pillows, consider turning your living room into a landscape with these playful pieces. [from Smarin]

For endless hours of fun, they would also be a great addition to a kids room or play area!

I hope that this has gotten you well on your way to comfortable and stylish living! Share your favorites below . . .

Whitney Wood

I write for decoist.

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