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Luxurious Rotterdam Villa Embraces Chic Glamour With Rich Sophistication

Dramatic in its design, soothing in its ambiance and lavish in the myriad of comforts that it unravels, this grand villa in Rotterdam is an absolute treat for the senses. Combining current interior design trends with surprising and creative living solutions, the splendid Dutch residence features opulence at every turn inside. Designed with inimitable panache by KOLENIK Eco Chic Design, the interior of this comfy home is a touch different from the usual lineup of contemporary homes that we stumble across. Instead of opting for cool neutral tones, designer Robert Kolenik utilizes bold dark shades that draw you in instantly with their warmth.

Amazing staggered chandelier in the living room

This unique use of dark hues along with decor in chocolate brown, grey and cool leather ensures that the entire villa has an inherently masculine appeal that we often come across in modern bachelor pads. Yet, the kitchen and the dining room offer a refreshing change of pace with the large pristine white kitchen island and the stunning dining table that features an illuminated pure white onyx tabletop and a gorgeous lychee tree trunk base. This defining feature of the house steals the show with ease, even though the living room with its high ceiling sports an equally spectacular staggered glass chandelier along with a custom-made 21-foot-long couch!

Grand two-sided fireplace in the living room

Large couch in grey with throw pillows

Illuminated Onyx tabletop for the dining room win white

Stunning dining room and kitchen with white Onyx top

Conetmporary kitchen island in white

Brilliantly illuminated kitchen and dining room

Concealed rooms that offer ample privacy

A home theater system and a bar in the basement, automated electronic systems that manage all the controls of the residence from a single integrated hub, a comfortable home work area, a divine master bedroom and spa-like bathrooms complete the posh house. Not to mention, with large walk-in closets and swish leather furnishings, this is one villa designed to pamper you endlessly!

Large glass doors for kitchen and dining room

Staircase with glass railing and cool table lamp in red

Beautiful corridors of the modern home with wooden walls

Custom design lighting installations and faucets by KOLENIK Eco Chic design

Contemporary bathroom with standalone tub in white

dazzling modern bathroom in Rotterdam villa

Bathroom with twin lit sinks in black onyx and spa like ambiance

Entryway of the chic Rotterdam Residence by KOLENIK Eco Chic design

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