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DIY Chalk Walls For Any Artistic Living Space

Good style can take on many forms. If you enjoy multi-chromatic schemes, you will find eclectic decor to satisfy your hunger for animation. If you take comfort in casual settings, you will argue cottage-style homes are more inviting. If you are sweeped away by the simplicity of modern designs, you will leap into minimalistic decor like a lion furiously securing its next succulent lamb. But as these various decor styles stand against time, one feature can be added to all of them to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Did I tempt your curiosity? I hope I did because chalk walls in the home are largely versatile, especially when you take into consideration of their function and aesthetics, as well as their ability to flirt with our creative and artistic sides. Believe it or not, chalk walls are not commonly employed in the home for reasons that are hard to justify, which is such a shame, especially for those people who love to scribble notes and pictures on whatever pieces of paper they can get their hands on. Hopefully after this post, the idea of welcoming a chalk wall into your home cements itself in your mind!


The thing about chalk walls is that you can skip the interior designer and paint one yourself. All you need to do is hop  on over to Lowe’s or Home Depot, pick up a bucket (or ten) of “chalk paint”, spread out some old newspaper, and start rolling that paint roller on the wall. Easy right?

Kitchens Are The Best Place

As much as kids would love to have a chalk wall in their playroom, you will find that kitchens are the perfect place for an erasable wall. Simple tasks like keeping track of a grocery lists or weekly to-do lists never seemed so easy. I personally like to visually display all my tasks and reminders out in the open, so that way I can glance over to know exactly what is next up on my plate. If you are a fanatic organizer, I’m sure you will agree with me.


by Menter Architects


by Affecting Spaces

Wouldn’t it be nice to just pick up a piece of chalk and scribble some quick memos for yourself? You can pinpoint specific dates and reminders the moment you enter the kitchen like the one above. It’s time to give your cellphone calendar and/or notepad a break!


by Aqinterlor Design

Chalk walls do not need to be large in scale. The center divider in the kitchen that doubles as a chalk board (above) offers plenty of writing space.


by Durcon

Again, the scale of the chalk wall does not justify its purpose. As long as it is thoughtfully placed in an area where you pass by the most, the wall will do you justice. Style your kitchen like the one above for a contemporary chic layout.


by Cabana Casa


by 13 Design Group

The kitchen above is a prime example of how you can easily keep track of lists. In this home, the owners decided to identify the wide selection of wine in their collection; but you can just as easily inventory the number of eggs, cartons of milk, and boxes of TV dinners that are in your fridge!

Chalk Walls Are Ideal For Bedrooms Too

Let’s say you wake up and want to jot down the most wonderful dream you’ve ever had, but there is no paper in hindsight. So what do you do? If you had a chalk wall, you wouldn’t have to worry these minute problems. Both kids and adults can take advantage of the versatility of chalk walls!


by Jodie Rosen Design


by KKC Fine Homes


by Catlin Sothers Design


by Cary Bernstein Architect

Chalk Walls in Offices

We tend to gravitate towards dry-erase boards in the office, but many of us complain about the nose-scrunching odor that dry-erase markers give off. If you want to change the atmosphere of your office, chalk walls are great for doing that.


by Amy Sklar Design

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