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Stylish And Dynamic Wall Clocks Add Minimalist Appeal To Your Interior

Modern minimalist designs in black are pretty popular among lovers of wristgear, and these stylish, sleek designs do look stunning when paired with the right accessories and clothing. The trend seems to be catching on with wall clocks as well, with many current models quickly embracing the less is more philosophy! If you are a fan of amazing abstract wall clocks that showcase intriguing shapes and patterns, the Perspective Series from Studio Ve will have you mesmerized instantly. Inspired by the way each of us has a different perspective on ‘life and time’, the stunning clocks double as fascinating and dynamic sculptural additions.

Perspective series of sculptural wall clocks

The Perspective Series boasts a selection of 5 exquisite wall clocks featuring a black backdrop and unique hands consisting of straight white lines. Each one of the clocks professes a unique life philosophy that reflects varying perceptions on how we manage our time through the vibrant geometric designs formed by the hands. While the V Clock shows simplicity and focused style, the ravishing K Clock showcases how simple straight lines overlap and combine to form complex patterns.

The D clock is a reminder that perceptions vary depending on the point of view, while the P Clock and Z Clock dazzle with interesting 3D shapes and patterns. Elegant, brilliant and captivating, each clock is set to become an instant focal point of the room it adorns and a definite conversation starter, much like the iconic Nelson Clocks. You can get one of these clocks for $55 or the entire set for $220 by backing the project on Kickstarter in the next few days. Grab one while you still can!

Check out the video and the amazing time-lapse visuals of each clock below and marvel at the myriad of shapes and patterns these works of art present…

K clock in action
Time-lapse Visual of K Clock (One Hour)

P Clock at work

Time-lapse Visual of P Clock (One Minute)

V Clock time lapse movement

Time-lapse Visual of the V Clock (One Hour)

Moder Z Clock from Perspective Clocks

Time-lapse Visual of Z Clock (One Hour)

contemporary wall clock ideas

Minimalist modern wall clocks ideas

D Clock part of Perspective series of wall clocks

Black minimalist wall cock designs

Stylish modern wall clocks

1 Perspective

Our designs are simple and genuine, clean and inspiring, sincere and intriguing. We tell stories. We ask questions. We discover new areas of interest. We don’t want to make the world a better place; we want to make it more interesting.

-Studio Ve

D Clock at work

geometric shapes formed by the hands of K Clock

Closer look at K Clock

Anstract modern clock designs

Designers of the Perspective series of Clocks

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