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Frank Sinatra’s NYC Penthouse Dazzles With Dramatic Views And A Revamped Interior

Celebrity homes are always a big hit on the real estate market and tend to garner plenty of attention. But when the celebrity in question is the Frank Sinatra, all that attention is well deserved. Few names from the music industry and Hollywood cut across generations and continents like Ol’ Blue Eyes! Frank Sinatra’s renowned New York City penthouse is now available for sale and costing a modest $6 million (A bargain, considering the Hollywood heritage the home brings along with it). The lavish house offers sweeping views of the East River and the iconic New York City skyline.

Frank Sinatra’s New York City Penthouse

The Andy Warhol print of Marilyn Monroe in living room is a fitting addition to the penthouse that was famously described by Warhol himself as a “glittering grotto in the sky”. However, that dazzling grotto has undergone several changes in the last few years. While the original interiors that were designed by Sinatra in 1961 are still largely intact, a new Apple Store-styled floating glass staircase and a few other renovations were added to the space to lift its appeal.

A sparkling marble fireplace in the sitting area, a gourmet kitchen and contemporary decor accentuate the look of this fabulous penthouse, which once played host to Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars. Featuring four bedrooms and six bathrooms along with two sweeping terraces that allow you to enjoy the view outside, it is a New York City penthouse that is all about Living it up in style. That and the nostalgic memories of one of Tinsel Town’s greatest talents!

Take a tour of Sinatra’s NYC Penthouse…

Frank Sinatra’s New York City Penthouse for sale

Look at the open floor plan inside NYC Penthouse

Hollywood celebrity home for sale

Interior of Sinatra's NYC Penthouse

Gorgeous sitting area in New York Penthouse

Bedroom with view of new york city skyline

Plush bedroom in purple

Chic bedroom in pink

Stylish bathroom with glass shower enclosure

Balcony in New York City penthouse overlooking East River

View from the balcony of Sinatra's NYC Home

A look over the East River

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